• Bright ideas to engage our... older gentlemen workers in H&S
    I'm not sure what you mean - surely everyone is engaged in H&S? And if not, then they need to be. And they need to be engaged in an active way, to capture wealth of knowledge and increase effectiveness of strategies and actions taken.
  • Bright ideas to engage our... older gentlemen workers in H&S
    Hi Sheri! I would love copies of the resources you mention, please. I'm always looking for tools / resources to add to my arsenal! :smile:
  • Mental Health / Wellbeing Policy
    We also use the Te Whare Tapa Whā model. As part of this, it is important that mental health and wellbeing is a regular part of conversations within the workplace. This way it isn't a bolt on, but becomes a key part of the culture.
  • Bright ideas to engage our... older gentlemen workers in H&S
    A few things to consider:

    1.) They have likely been to countless types of H&S training and are possibly subjected to the same type of'talk at me and tell me things I already (or think I already) know' experiences. What do they have that they can bring to the table, that can then be built on? How can they be engaged in a way that is meaningful to them?

    2.) Plenty of training involves material that they may not be able to access. I have come across plenty of people of all ages, but particularly older people, who struggle with literacy. Over 40% of NZ males aged 55-65 do not have a literacy level that allows them to cope with the demands of everyday life and working in a complex society. If you combine this, with the fact that around 35% of construction workers do not have formal secondary school education, you can see how certain types of training and methods of delivery immediately disengage workers that may fall into these brackets.

    3.) Is the H&S training being delivered in a classroom setting? Again, linked with point # 2, this can be off-putting and intimidating.