• H&S Manual vs H&S Management system
    Hi Alex
    We have 426 permanent staff and during Kiwi Fruit season we can have up to 750 staff.
    And I don't want to have both systems but wanted to use some framework to have the correct processes and procedures in place.
    At the moment our stuff is all over the place.
    My thought was if we use the ISO framework then if we at a later stage want to get accredited then we are good to go.

    Hi Keith
    Thanks for that SGS doc.
  • A landlord's H&S Policy
    Thanks, Steve, I am with you on this one.

    If you are grumpy, then you should have heard me when I got the email. I don't mind their intention but do mind that them ticking a box and do safety policy for the sake of doing one.

    You all have a lovely day and stay safe.
  • vehicle incident form
    Hi Rebecca

    Send me an email at then I can send you our accident card that is available in our vehicle glove box' to record the detail at the time of the accident.

    As Stephen said you complete a form, then you complete the insurer's claim form and then process the incident in your own management system. So if you can have the accident form from the insurance company readily available then you completed that and process that in your own management system.
  • A landlord's H&S Policy
    Hi Keith
    I understand the overlapping dues, and you are right they may not understand who has primary responsibilities. My response to them would have been in those lines, the information you shared is very handy.
    What are the 3 Cs you refer to?
    3 = Compentence (info, train, supervise, instruct), Control (risk management), Co-operate (engage, consult) ?
  • A landlord's H&S Policy
    That was my thoughts as well, this is ....... Some of the rules they did provide are not even related to what we do "analytical testing".
    Thank you for that, the confirmation helps that I know my thoughts and my response to them will be correct.
  • Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers
    You all have great achievements to share, I can only share succeeding in life.
    Being raised in a strict family environment I was invisible as a girl between 3 boys and not allowed to participate in anything or have friends over. Well, so the story goes, got married, got divorced, and then started studying at night enabling me to move from a typist (this gives away my age..) to Personal Assistant to the CEO of a well-known company.
    Just as I reaced my 40 I started studying again and moved into HR for Sasol Chemicals who manufacture and distribute chemical and energy products around the world.
    2008 came along and we moved to New Zealand with 2 bags of clothing still working in HR for a road construction company.
    Studied again, extramural to obtain a NZ Qualification that took me 4 years but now been in H&S for 10 years at first in roading and now an analitycal laboratory.
    I am living the dream being safe, owning my own home, working for a stable company and looking forward to how much I still can contribute before I need to hand over my reins.

    Be safe out there, I must admit I hate working from home....
  • Electrical equipment - Test and Tag
    Hi, Thank you for the response.
    The question is not around the rules it is about how does a typical internal process/procedure looks like.
  • Time to abandon the risk matrix?
    I have been working for big to small companies and have not seen the benefits of the colored matrix. It creates different opinions for the same hazard that are assessed e.g. testing asbestos samples vs mining and or demolishing asbestos.
    These matrixes are not based on real data it is based on opinion with my opinion being that a matrix with numbers and or colors are not keeping people safe but training, competency, supervision, and engagement in H&S is the key and how you record that.
    However, the risk assessment itself determines which risks should take priority and needs robust controls.
    In addition, the act does not mention that a risk score or matrix is required to identify, assess or mitigate.
    I can provide the same scenario to two different teams and the outcome of the risk matrix will be different.
  • Health & Safety Reps
    Our H&S System is working really well and all are introduced to their H&S Rep, with an open invitation to attend the meeting at any one time and they we have good feedback/communication to and from the meeting.
  • HSNO and GHS classifications
    We also had a WorkSafe visit. We use our own inventory with all the necessary info on it, they ask if we know about their tool said yes, but not using it, and they did not insist that do.
  • HSR Appointment Letter
    Hi Brook, did you get the document from me?
  • 1 percent safer
    Is it an article or book called "1% safer" ?
  • Fatigue Management Policy
    "techs found themselves finishing work at 3am but having to vacate the motel room at 10am"
    Planning would have made a huge difference e.g. arrangements with the motel, not booking with the cheapest motel available - it will come at a cost but you cannot use $ as a reason not to provide suitable accommodation. I worked in an industry before where we experienced the same problems and Managements/Project Manager H&S culture needed to be addressed and changed. It took a while but with H&S Reps, and employee engagement we changed from being reactive to proactive and management had to accept that employees value their own safety.
  • HSR Appointment Letter
    Our H&S Reps have a job description.
    If you send me an email I can send you one -
  • Book recommendations for developing health and safety knowledge
    Paper Safe by Greg Smith is a bit cheaper on Book Depository than Amazon.