• Covid vaccination - can it be required on H&S grounds?
    This is great as I was starting to think about ventilation as its been mentioned heaps, but not a lot of detail provided
  • Long-term injury time
    Thanks Keith, not in ACC EAP, but will read this to help get some guidance on what if practical. It think we need to make a company cut-off for when we force more action from ACC versus waiting for their recovery team to kick in as this isn't always timely.
  • Long-term injury time
    Thanks Denise, I found this yesterday and its a great resource I will review and see how it will help us
  • EAP Providers
    We use EAP Services and have not had any issues with their performance.
  • Hazardous zones and mobile phones
    We all have iphones, however purchase Lifeproof AP65 rated covers to ensure they are safe in our hazardous atmosphere zones, can also buy these covers for ipads/tablets if needing to do inspections etc.
    Unsure on clothing however as these areas a afire risk we ensure the staff are wearing 100% cotton overalls. Our electrician wear electrical arc rated overalls which may suit your needs as well.
  • Remote and on road workers like account managers
    We have a large number of sales staff on the roads and we use a combination of controls, mostly mentioned above e.g. emergency kits, F/A training, defensive driver training (off road as well) GPS in cars, lone worker apps and devices etc.
    We also encourage teams to keep their outlook calendars up to date and visible to everyone so teams know where they are staying, what farms they are booked to visit and most of our regional teams have also set up whatsapp and messenger groups so check in with each other on, this also helps from a mental health/fatigue point of view as well.