• LPG Handlers Certificate for forklift drivers
    Hi Sarah - no I haven't heard of that one before, but we do seem to get problems with various other issues, depending on the Certifier (I'm assuming here that by DGC you mean Location Compliance Certificate).
    Under current Regs, there is no "approved handler" requirement - but everybody must be trained for the substances they handle (refer r4.5 for scope of training). So provided you can show that the driver of the forklift has been trained in handling the LPG, that should be sufficient.
    I'd be interested to know who the Certifier is that you're using, and what specific training they say is required.
  • LTI severity rating
    Obviously you can measure and report on both "minor and often" and "major and rare". Companies I have worked for have measured severity as well as frequency of lost time injuries (variations on total time lost per injury per hours worked). My current employer also has targets and reporting around critical risks (e.g. completion of in-field verification, closing actions after high-potential incidents, and undertaking specific projects).
    Also consider that most measures - particularly lag indicators - can be "manipulated" to make things look better than they are - especially if performance bonuses are at stake!
  • PCBU?
    Thanks Jan - I'll have a look through it all, I see there's quite a bit. Every day is a learning day!
  • PCBU?
    Hi Trudy
    I like that approach - and I'm sure that everybody involved as volunteers will be motivated to look after the safety of their kids and other people around the activity from that moral rather than legal requirements anyway.