• Accredited Employers Programme (AEP) - ACC
    Hi Tina - This has been a Project of mine for the last few months and we are just at the Procurement Stage now for going out for a TPA. It will be the first time for the Ministry going forward into this programme, prior to February we have had our own ACC Claims Manager and helped with our work and non work related injuries etc. However, with the ACC Changes this all changed. Plus our E/R had continued on the up, so it was an opportunity to see what the ACC AEP will be like. All our Sites have just finished a Self-Assessment using the templates which I converted into word and added extra columns to make it easier for them to mark what still needs to be done at their Site etc.

    We have also just finished having a number of our Site's SafePlus Assessed, and we realise that there will be a number of recommendations that will come out of this, but all in all, it gives the organisation something to benchmark ourselves with. We also went out to other departments to see who was in the programme etc.
  • HS Reps - Allowance / Payment for services
    Totally agree with Sheri, as the function of a HSR is one where folks actually want to be involved in H&S and been a part of building that "just culture" in the workplace. Pleased to actually read that we are all on the same page around this.

    Our HS Annual Award process has finally evolved to where it is not a standard alone process, this year it will be part of the CE's Award (yay, part of the business not an add on).

    Our HSR's can completed up to Stage 4 and those wanting to do more are encouraged to look at doing the S.I.T. Papers. This is not paid for out of the HS Budget but due to the low cost we recommend that if they are really keen they can pay for it themselves. Or, bring it up at their PDP to see if the funding can come from their own business units. We have had some great results of different HSR's completing their Diploma via S.I.T. We have recently asked via HR for HSR's to have something put into their PDP around been a HSR etc. Not sure how many of you have it in at your organisation.
  • Hand held infra red thermometer use
    We are currently looking at these for the frontline staff at the Courts but not completely sold on the idea as they are not that reliable going by the information I have found on goggle.
  • Sorting Mail during the current environment
    Working from Home Guide for those working remotely - I have a guideline that we have developed sometime ago for those working remotely and happy to share. It is folks wellbeing and mental health that I am concerned with as unfortunately due to an incident to a family member, I have been working remotely for nearly six months myself and understand it is this area that needs attention, when the norm changes. So, sharing things in this field but always happy to see what others have put in place for others in this field.
  • Can't get experience because you need experience
    Email me and I will try and give you some ideas etc around this :nerd:
  • Can't get experience because you need experience
    Hi Craig - have you thought about asking organisations or H&S Practitioners if you can shadow them so you can gain that insight to give you practical experience.
  • Introduce yourself here!
    Greetings everyone,

    My name is Theresa Khatchian and I am a Senior Health and Safety Advisor at the Ministry of Justice. I am really pleased to see the Safeguard H&S Forum back up and running as it has always been a great way to network and seek information and advice over the previous years. Well done for getting this back.