• Expiry Dates on Training
    This sounds like a fine way to go. In the scenario where a person is using a skill on a regular basis and is competent how do you demonstrate that? A site will ask for the training card. If it has gone past the expiry date how do you get the site to understand they know what they can do.

    It would be good that instead of a refresher they sit an exam or practical. If they pass it give them another two or three years.
  • Can't get experience because you need experience
    The company I work for is active in this field. They only take on people with no experience but a passion to learn. Other companies employ a lot of staff from our company.

    I know they are looking for a qualified person with no experience now.
  • Worksafe Inspector Disparaging Health and Safety Consultants
    I have read a few health and safety documents prepared for builders. There is a big pile of papers, The guys say the submit them to sites to meet safety requirements. What is in them I ask. "All that safety stuff".

    I tend to agree with the Worksafe inspector do it yourself. If you cannot get help but do it and learn yourself.

    Then there is the plethora of safety system auditors. Why are there so many doing the same thing?
  • Worksafe Inspector Disparaging Health and Safety Consultants
    Why dont consultants teach people how to do it themselves?
  • Introduce yourself here!
    I have worked for K2 Environmental for over 20 years. Air quality assessments, noise, stack testing are all on the menu. Asbestos assessments and analysis, methamphetamine are the deserts.

    Always looking to do work smarter better and listening to others ideas.