• Contractor Management - The Thin Paper Wall
    I acknowledge the academic theories used here to justify Tōtika and other Prequal schemes, but when it comes down to practicability I think Simon has summed it up nicely. One could provide a set of no more than 12 contractor due diligence questions for businesses engaging contractors that would achieve the same outcome at no charge. The PCBU simply has a duty of due diligence in selecting a competent contractor and applying the 3 C's on the job based on who is in the best position to manage which risks. Just putting it out there for comment????
  • Do we need an HSR for a low risk area
    Don't see why not Lucille. Many business's do this quite successfully. Maybe consider what training they need and their role within the health & safety committee which in turn makes recommendations to management.
  • Do we need an HSR for a low risk area
    My take on this Lucille is your volunteers are not HSR's unless specifically elected by a workgroup and they have attended union or other approved HSR training courses. All that means is they can issue the PCBU with formal/legal health & safety improvement notices. We could also call them health & safety committee members who represent staff in their work area. A much more proactive, positive and collaborative arrangement.
  • Control measures for a Covid world
    Good question Garth. You appear to be taking 'all practicable steps' to keep people safe from infection. Just get past 'considering' to 'implementing' a Covid 19 safety plan for your operations. Take into account any mandated government advice. This is a serious crisis and one would expect organizations to 'act in good faith' to protect staff from harm as far as reasonably practicable.
  • SSSP - Have we lost our way
    Agree with your views on this topic MattD2. It's motivated me to get around to designing a template to manage and record the consult, co-operate and co-ordinate process on who is in the best position to manage which hazards.
  • Covid vaccination - can it be required on H&S grounds?
    This Delta Covid is a serious crisis regardless of the legislative norms that are ignorant of the current situation. We simply need to apply the concept of "what would a reasonable person (or PCBU) do under the circumstances of the situation" and set a strategy for dealing with the crisis and who will do what. This is a decision for senior management and their legal advisors - that's their job. After all, who's running the show and who's /=? #* is on the line. They should be telling health & safety people (as a resource) how they need to implement the Covid strategic plan and report its effectiveness.
  • A landlord's H&S Policy
    Hi Sandra, looking at case law in Australia it appears the question is 'who was agreed as being in the best position to manage the risks of the work' after reference to evidence of the pre-work Consult, Collaborate and Co-ordinate process.
  • Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers
    I was the drummer in the 70's blues/rock bands 'Underdogs, Jigsaw & Fresh Air'. Enjoying playing percussion again in two bands in Warkworth & Auckland.
  • Prequal
    Good point Andy. My understanding is that ISO 45001 certification automatically meets Totika requirements and that's how it should be.
  • ISO, NZ, AS/NZS Standards......whats the deal?
    All good examples above of how the OH&S certification industry has fostered management system complexity and personal interpretations instead of leadership in developing simplicity and effectiveness for the client.
  • Is Totika Prequalification being adopted?
    I think it's well overdue that the various trade industry associations front footed this and provide a competent, independent prequal and public safety star rating service for their members.
  • Board Reporting
    Just some ideas Alex. 1- Critical risk control activity (training, assessments done, team talks etc.), 2- Lessons learned from incidents, accidents etc., 3 - Improvements implemented. Also the board may be more informed and motivated by stories and actions to prevent injuries going forward rather than statistical measurement and benchmarking from the past.
  • Hearing screening training in New Zealand
    Have you sounded out the NZ Occupational Health Nurses Assn for workplace hearing screening training. What do they recommend?
  • Telarc Audits - Re-write your SMS to follow ISO 450001 format
    The paradox of our times is that we have more degrees, but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgement; more experts, but less solutions. Just saying!
  • Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    Maybe this sheds some more light on one's understanding of implications under 4 Acts, a Bill of Rights re refusal of medical treatment and the General Risk & Workplace Mgmt Regs.
    Agree with Steve these matters are best sorted at employment.
  • Safety Observation Cards
    Could be worth trialing this Stuart.
    Quick Safety Observation Card (21K)
  • Hire Equipment "Legislation"?
    Good on you @MattD2 for calling out the 'elephant in the room'.
  • 'Required to be Authorised' definition
    Hi Rachael. The Worksafe NZ tool on this matter provides a guide. I tested it on your scenario and it said not reportable.
  • HSR Appointment Letter
    Good question Bree. To kick off check this out.
    then customise to include their role in your OHS management system resource needs in relation to training and role KPI's. They will also need some specific business related coaching as to what they should be doing, when and how. They can be a great resource if a positive support strategy is developed.