• WorkSafe new ads?
    Hey Michelle - I agree and have had the same debate with H&S Colleagues - who also hate the ad. I believe it's a starting discussion point, particularly with workers where visuals speak volumes more than the written word. The Vegetables thing was appalling and I'm not sure why they invested in that ....
  • Who influenced you?
    Robyn Vallom at EnviroWaste was my first major influence on a career path towards being a Health and Safety professional. She saw my raw passion for the safety of our employees and always encouraged me to upskill, starting at HSR training through all 4 stages and onto Occ H&S Certificate. She has been the driving force at EnviroWaste for many years as H&S Manager - in a male dominant environment, she always stands her ground and thinks of workers safety and wellbeing first and foremost.
    My second, another woman, who has been my mentor for many years and has been a guiding light throughout my career is Fiona Carney - my H&S Manager while at George Weston Foods. She encouraged my progression to achieve Diploma in Occ Health and as part of the safety team, you always felt she had your back and she did many times for a lot of the team. These two women I can not thank enough for putting me on this career path and assisting me throughout - they have been and remain my heroines and represent what I aspire to be. In fact, it is because of them that I joined the NZISM mentoring programme and am now playing it forward for 2 fledging H&S students.
  • HS Reps - Allowance / Payment for services
    We ensure that their involvement and pro activeness as HSR is regularly appreciated in transparent ways that everyone is aware of. The best HSR's are the ones there not for financial reward but because they have the same driver as any H&S professional, they care about their colleagues and want to contribute in keeping them safe.
  • National to promise 'common-sense' legal test for workplace safety rules
    Simon Bridges does no-one any favors with his statement, we are only just starting to gain traction and buy-in by businesses and individuals - he has not looked at the bigger picture, instead trying to inflame or create a popular topic to gain more voters. I hope we all see through this deception and know that, whilst not perfect, Work Safe is the entity that will help to bring down our dreadful stats. And I 100% agree = common sense is distinctly uncommon at most NZ workplaces. I've seen 12m ladders held together with plastic times, welders without respirators, unsecured window cleaners 5 floors up, a child as young as 9 years old assisting with roof cleaning ... I kid you not and the list could go on and on - H&S professionals should compile a book of them - common sense is still uncommon in NZ.
  • Experienced Safety Auditors
    Hi Mark
    I'm HASANZ Registered and have been auditing (WSMP, AS/NZ 4801, National Insurance Tool Australia etc) for many years in sectors like construction, waste/recycling and food manufacturing industries. I am just about to complete some aviation specific auditing training next week too. Am based in Wellington - check out my linked in profile for more information.
  • Availability of good candidates to fill H&S roles
    Out with 5 HR Consultant friends the other night and we discussed rates as you do. Without exception they were all $35+ per hour more than I was earning as a H&S Consultant. I'm 16+ years H&S professional with Occ Health Diploma and listed in HASANZ register. I find work easy enough to get but don't believe the current rates/pay scales reflects the gravity of our role and responsibilities.
  • Driver Training - Skill building or just confidence building?
    Hi Michael - I have 75 employees currently Stage 1 Defensive Driver trained and putting them all through Stage 2. Whilst in UK recently I met with a senior H&S person from Johnson & Johnson - and had the same question - his answer was that it was just one of the building blocks to put all wall of protection around their employees, they have over 1500+ people driving every day throughout Europe and UK - so it is a considerable expense, but one they invest in because believe it is making a difference.
  • Health and Safety Representatives - Career Pathway
    I mean what is the next step from H&S Representative to a qualified Health and Safety Advisor?
  • Seeking feedback on safety differently guideline for SME's
    Yes please Tania.

    Cheers Jan
  • Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) Group Event
    Hi Margaret
    Is there plans to take this around the country. Love to see something like this in Wellington and down south .. cheers Jan
  • Introduce yourself here!
    I'm Jan Houston - Houston We Have a Problem is my tagline!! I've been a H&S Advisor for many years and finally decided to start my own consultancy early last year. It's an exciting time to be a Health and Safety Professional and rewarding to have clients that so thoroughly embracing a safety culture. One client has been nominated finalist for Safeguard Awards and they are over the moon. I've recently signed up for the NZISM mentoring programme, because I've had a couple of amazing inspiring women who have shone a light for me in my career and I want to play it forward. I believe that NZISM are doing an awesome job and I'm really enjoying some of the free forums. I hope more and more Health and Safety Professionals get themselves listed in the HASANZ Register because we have some people in our industry that are in it for all the wrong reasons. This forum is great and I love how health and safety professionals are so keen to assist one another ... we all have the same goals after all. Let's turn this country stats around and make it the safest place in the world to work!!!!!
  • New thinking in health & safety - community of practice
    I'm interested .. please count me in
  • Health and Safety Management Systems in Golf Clubs
    Thats really helpful thanks everyone .. this is such a great forum ... we have so many knowledgeable people out there !!
  • Mythbusters - NZ version
    Certainly Bunnings Onion Gate saga should be added. I was asked recently to raise the quality of toilet paper because "it was a H&S issue" - I declined and suggested asking the H&S Rep to raise it at next H&S Committee with management present. However I don't have enough fingers or toes to count the number of ludicrous things that have been brought to my attention as "H&S issues".
  • Dodging LTIs
    If I might add a no. 4 to that list. Large organisations that supply H&S templates but no backing up or advice on how to complete them or more importantly why they are necessary. Doing 150+ contractor pre qualifications for a construction company currently .... at least 65% submitting blank forms and delightedly reporting they have a robust H&S System in place.