• re Vault / Damstra
    We also have Vault and use it for our Risk Register including Multiple Risk Assessments. No problems in accessing, inputting information into Risk Assessment Module and getting help when required.
  • Health Monitoring - Duty to Advise WorkSafe
    Not specifically for welding fumes but I presume this also applies to noise induced hearing loss?
    We carry out annual health checks for Lung Function, Eyesight, Blood Pressure and Hearing.
  • Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    Our health monitoring is written in to our conditions of employment for our workers.
  • Hot Work
    Not required within our maintenance workshop. For any hot work done outside our workshop by our fitters or any contractor, then a HWP is mandatory.
  • Safety Observation Cards
    Hi Stuart, we use DuPont STOP safety observation cards.
  • LPG Handlers Certificate for forklift drivers
    For our LPG Compliance Test certificate (issued Nov 2019) we had to show evidence of annual training of all our forklift drivers in the LPG hazards/risks, handling, PPE, bottle changing, etc to satisfy the Compliance Certifier. We put together an in-house training programme for this that meet the requirements.
  • How to discourage worksite speeding
    I have seen other companies hire one of these radar feedback units that flash your speed up in front of everyone and tell you to slow down. Might help to get the point across
  • Golden Rules, Non-negotiables
    We are putting together a list of "principles/key messages" that we are calling STCKYs or stickies. Means S**t That Can Kill You* in consultation with our workers. This follows feedback that we received from H&S consultant that recommended dropping our "Cardinal Rules" for something a bit more meaningful for everyone and is more focused on managing critical risks.
  • Workplace Exposure Limits - Worksafe Review
    Thanks for advising Stuart, Do you know when the review will be completed and are expected to come into effect?

  • Forklift Trucks, F Endorsements and Private Property
    Thanks Andrew, in that case do all you forklifts have WOF/registration/licence? Also if we have gate control through physical barriers and signage related to entry conditions then would this be sufficient to avoid the need for F endorsements?
  • Forklift Safety Lights
    I Michelle, we have one forklift that has a blue light at the rear only and it works very well in all indoor and outdoor environments. We are now looking at installing blue light front and rear on all our forklifts. I am not sure about the red lights. Our forklifts all operate on our site and not on any public locations.
  • Introduce yourself here!
    Hi everyone,
    My name is John Easton and I am the HSE & Quality Manager for Rheem New Zealand in Avondale, Auckland.
    I have found the previous forum to be invaluable for H&S information in the past and I am very happy to see it return.