• Who should be included in H&S committee meetings?
    Hi Lucille, I would tend to invite them along, a good opportunity for sharing what is happening in the workshops and if there are issues that crop up that the other group might want to talk about. While they may not use the workshops, they will use the grounds and other buildings. As Rebecca suggests you may wish for them to be included once every 2 to 3 months, outside of their regular committee meeting.
  • Seeking feedback on safety differently guideline for SME's
    HI Tania, congrats on your postgrad... I too would be interested in reviewing your work
  • Resetting the standard
    Hi Chris are your master classes heading to Invercargill? We are considering the ISO45001 for the same reason you mentioned. A part of the organisation already uses ISO9001, and I could see an opportunity for us to integrate both.
  • Forestry Operations audit/reviews - seeking contacts
    Hi Michelle, Paula Nordstrom from Safe T Works Taupo Ltd may be able to help you.

    Regards Auriette