• Near miss reporting
    I have found that the term near miss can be confusing for people, and that's because if it didn't happen and I didn't get hurt, then what's the issue? So I introduced an additional category called "non-injury". This has been really successful and has helped to tackle the issue of non-reporting. Non-injury is when a worker observes something that has the potential to cause harm. By using this term, it helps to take a closer look at the process and controls with the worker. So near miss and non-injury categories are closely linked.

    After experiencing what Matt is going through, for me, the uptake in reporting has been fantastic and this supports the proactive H & S culture needed. I don't really mind whether a "near miss" or "non-injury" is used. The fact workers are reporting is what you want. By the way, I like Andrew's analogy. Trouble is I would be laughing way too much to put it into place.
  • Availability of good candidates to fill H&S roles
    I want to encourage you to continue your studies because there is such a shortage of H & S personnel. Happy for you to message me direct if you need to ask any questions.
  • Environment Portfolio
    My portfolio contains Environmental element too and this is linked with our company's Health and Safety strategy. Very keen to see an environmental category added.
  • Hazard vs Risk Video
    Hi Amanda. I have a picture of the shark analogy that Graham has mentioned above if you want it. Also, check out - Dr Todd Conklin.
  • Risk Assessment Matrix
    Can you please elaborate on what your toolbox of Risk Assessment tools you would recommend. Thanks.