• A question from a newbie
    Hi Graham
    I read your post on Thursday and was interested to see the responses you received. Surprised at this point on one has responed as it is in my opinion a good topic that seems to be gaining momentum.
    When Dr Todd Tonkin was in New Zealand in July. I believe he had meetings with two government departments and one of the departments ministers. Is this an indicator of the attention Safety 11/ Safety Differently is getting?
    Worksafe have engaged Daniel Hummerdal as their Chief Adviser of Innovation. See below link.
    This role commenced last October and in that time he has been quiet, working away in the background. Watch this space.
    I think it is a refreshing way of thinking and a positive way forward.
  • Seeking feedback on safety differently guideline for SME's
    Hi Tania
    It is great that you have had such a good response. Safety Differently certainly opens up the mind and I think is the way of the future. This will be one of the reasons Worksafe have engaged Daniel Hummerdal.
    I would love to take up your offer.
  • Worksafe appointment of Daniel Hummerdal
    Hi Lee

    I guess for me the seminar was about information gathering. Looking beyond legislature and compliance. Forward thinking not continually looking at the past. Keeping your current systems in place however learning when they are not working for you and tweeting them if you are able. Adding value to the current system. Involving the front line workers more with open conversations. Aiming to see what type of future we are looking for.

    Safgety Differently is worth checking out just to get another prospective on what is a very challenging industry.