• Introduce yourself here!
    Hi All

    I am a consultant working in the business and health and safety spaces. Currently working with Guard Safety in Nelson. I am a lifetime student, always open to learn new things, and an encourager and applauder of those who share their experiences with others. This forum is a great tool to share knowledge with each other and I am looking forward to receiving and giving as part of my membership of it.
  • Contractor Pre qualification /approval systems
    Well said Ian. Lots of businesses can spend the money and get the paperwork done but still not be up to the task safely in the field. Going and showing the client what they will get will give them way more assurance than any bit of paper can.
  • What's in a name?
    Hi Kevin Jones - well said. NZISM is clear on what it is and where it is going. Changing names would lead the market to thinking there was identity crisis, but there is not. Let's all make our professional organisations healthier and do this by getting engaged and more involved.