• Health and Safety Representatives - Career Pathway
    I am currently doing SIT Diploma in H&S via correspondence, it is a good course and providing me with a lot of knowledge that I can implement into my current role. The price point on this course is great value for the information received.
  • Suicide Prevention Research within the Construction Industry - MEN NEEDED FOR RESEARCH-
    Hi, Have shared your link on our social media pages. Good luck with your research and results. Great to know that there is some focus out there on construction mental illness
  • Pocket-sized information to help workers with Risk Assessments (or similar)
    Hi Robert,

    We make the Take 5 range. A lot of business really enjoy the products and find they cover all abilities.
  • Institutionalisation and Entrenched Behaviours
    Hi Anthony, Our company come across this frequently. We find that after speaking with the person that is resistant to change, that they often feel undervalued or ignored.

    When these people are involved in a change we find that it is best to gather the team and ask them for feedback on the task/ area that requires change before the procedure / plan is looked at. This process may take 30 minutes in a meeting or a five minute email but it often means the participants are more engaged and made to feel included in the decision. It is certainly worth the time than spending months or years with people not getting involved and resisting the change.
  • Training Day
    In my experience it is quite normal to close down for training sessions and I think it is great to be able to train the whole team together, work through any issues and have the team able to collaborate with each other. I think those few people who are negative maybe do not fully understand the importance of education.

    When we or companies we work with shut down we send out emails to companies, post on our website and social media stating "We are closing for the day to educate ourselves. We want to make our company more experienced for you." This reflects the benefit to your customer. I also think that in the emails / website it is important (also a great conversation starter) to let the customer know what the training will be focused on if it is going to improve the quality of work. It will keep your customers feeling like they are included in the company and if they have been looking at doing something similar, encourage them to ask you questions to confirm if they should implement a similar training day.
  • Measuring the High Vis of Clothing
    Hi Gina,

    We use NZ Safety Blackwoods as our PPE provider and they have a section in their catalog that states the distances. I do not have the catalog with me right now but maybe ring and ask for the clothing portion to be emailed to you?