• 1st week ACC
    I would have a chat to an accountant. Usually ACC is seen as the primary and secondary tax is paid on top ups from your employer.
  • How do you identify who is who on your site?

    Pink would be a great colour to use. Unfortunately there is nothing as fragile on most high risk sites as a male ego. I have seen contractors turn down work rather than wear pink on a construction site.
  • Golden Rules, Non-negotiables

    Hello Lee,

    I have inherited some. They are key messages to highlight the major hazards e.g Never approach operating equipment without contacting the operator.

    I would have worded some a bit differently if I had made them, but generally they are pretty good. They will form the basis of our behaviour based peer assessments. Feel free to email me and I'll send them through.

    I have to agree to a certain extent that variation is crucial for successful work. Work to rule is a protest after all.
  • PEACE and LOVE

    HARM seems to focus on a negatives (and thus unhelpful)
  • PEACE and LOVE

    Not sure why you feel pointing out that some things can impede rehabilitation is a bad thing, but I do appreciate the heads up on this.

    I found the original post from the British Journal of Sports Medicine for those that are interested.
  • Near miss reporting
    1. People do not see a benefit (improvements)
    2. People do see a cost (time)

    You need to work on those two.

    BenifitsBenefits can also include random prizes (like training a dolphin you don;t give them a fish every hoop they jump through, just enough to make them think they might get a fish).

    Letting people know that an improvement occurred because of a near miss report. I run a "You Said, We Did" board to highlight things that changed because people spoke up.


    Make it as easy as possible. If you get a verbal report don't send them away to fill in a form. Talk to them about actions.

    My 2.3 cents (GST Included)
  • PEACE and LOVE
    I assume HARM is still HARM

    H - Heat
    A- Alcohol
    R- Running (exercise)
    M- Massage
  • Frivolous Friday
    One day early Trudy. Stop it!
  • Experienced Safety Auditors

    I thoroughly reccomend Robyn and her team at AvidPlus
  • Frivolous Friday
    A song for you all on Friday. The High Vis Anthem - by Wolfe Brothers
  • Help. I need to find H&S Rep trainng level 1 is Gisborne this year for 4 people. Any ideas.
    I have found a supplier and we are sneaking on to one of their courses. Thanks
  • The Silliness of Zero Harm
    I do like the concept of "making things go right as often as possible". There will always be those who react poorly to terms like Zero Harm (and then conflate them with other strawman arguments) but goals need to be aspirational and inspirational. No one crosses the street for a 2% sale and no one is going to get excited about from the LTIFR by 3 points in a financial year.
  • Developing a strategy for H&S
    Having recently undertaken this the hardest part was deciding which things you will push out for a year or two. Health & Safety people are problem solvers and hate postponing actions.
  • Educating your board
    I second this but would add a chance for the board to talk to staff and ask them my favourite safety question "What frustrates you about this job?"
  • workplace carpark - reversing into the space, forwards out
    It does look nice to have all your branded vehicles pointing the same way. Unless you are in a scenario where you are looking at possible mass evacuation then the benefits are very small.
  • The Silliness of Zero Harm

    Hello Andrew,

    As far as you the terms you define as silly. Might I offer to translate them for you to remove some silliness.

    "Diversity" - Looking at your organsation and seeing if the are conscious or unconscious barriers to people joining or staying with the organization.

    "Equal pay/Gender Pay Gaps" - Looking at your organisation and seeing if jobs are sized based on tasks undertaken or if the role was traditionally undertaken by males or females.

    "Rainbow Tick" - Taking a look at your organization and seeing if there are conscious or unconscious barriers to people joining or staying with the organization based on sexual or gender identity.

    "Climate Emergency" - Taking a look at your organization and seeing if you can reduce the amount of damage being done to the environment

    "Zero Harm" - Taking a look at your organization and see what can be done to stop your people getting injured.

    Don't get hung up on labels. Look at the objectives. Are there any of these objectives that are things you would not like your organisation to do?
  • What do you measure and how do you measure it
    Waste oil will be a tricky one. The measure will mostly be around the containers. I have found a few in the bottom of skips rather than waiting for the recycling company.
  • workplace carpark - reversing into the space, forwards out
    This has been debated for many years. Personally backing in to the larger area seems to make sense. I have not seen any statistically significant research. The other question is do you want to make yourself a parking warden by choice?