• Hazard vs Risk Video

    This is great. For the management hierarchy I use an angry dog running around the site. The management ranges from sending the dog to go "live on a farm" to everyone wearing padded suits and having beware of the dog signs. It helps people to realize why we don't start with signs and high vis.
  • Work-as-imagined vs work-as-done: examples
    I had a similar one but they decide to wait until a stock truck drove in and stood on that.
  • Truck loading/unloading areas
    Driving down hill towards the The Terrace in Wellington. I stopped when I saw a pipe being lifted off the back of a truck by a construction site fixed crane. Had I not stopped I would have driven in to it. There were a couple of people (not in high vis stopping) people and guiding the operator.
  • The good, the bad, the ugly. Your opinon on H&S management system software.
    We are going through this process at the moment.

    My key requirement is integration with out systems. I have no interest in a system that requires each new person, site or delegation to be manually entered.

    If we can get data in to Power BI so that it can appear on our other dashboards that would give H&S more integration.

    Lastly the system needs incident reporting, observations and audits entered via an android app.
  • Worksite traffic management
    Hello Sarah,

    I agree. This has been very useful for us in our planning.
  • The good, the bad, the ugly. Your opinon on H&S management system software.
    Hello Jo,

    Unless it is fully integrated with the business systems it will struggle. Finding a package that will integrate with the Office365/Sharepoint/Active directory environment has difficult. Providers will happy charge you thousands to load your user and site data in to their system but it means committing to ongoing tasks every-time you have a starter, mover or leaver.

    We are currently looking at installing convergepoint later this year most due to the price point and intergration.
  • Mythbusters - NZ version
    Uniforms and dress codes are a nightmare. Add to this breath-ability, high visibility and cost.
  • Mythbusters - NZ version
    If they do extra hours they should be paid accordingly.
  • Legal Cannabis and Safety
    Hello Chris,

    I agree the salvia test will be more useful. I think it may lead to companies taking a tougher look at their alcohol policies as well.
  • Health and Safety Management Systems in Golf Clubs
    There was a fellow who had a thriving business setting up H&S systems for golf clubs back in the glory days of WSMP. GolfNZ should have some information for you.
  • Legal Cannabis and Safety
    I agree Peter. I am not sure how ready HR around the country are for this. HRINZ will do their thing and every HR Law Firm will run presentations but for most businesses it will come down to what they do when the first issue arises.

    Companies already have trouble with the concept of "random" , now they will need to improve on "reasonable cause" and "impairment".
  • Using "days since last accident" signs
    Unless you have a very large or very injury prone workforce most lag measure are not statistically significant. Reporting on a weekly or daily basis will give a false sense of security or panic.

    LTIs show the ratio of injuries to person hours but do not show anything about the amount or type of work done. We have recently moved to measures around injuries in relation to varies services sold. Early days yet but it will be interesting to see that results.
  • Mythbusters - NZ version
    I saw that as a news item a few years back.

    We have moved HR next to IT and are enjoying this issue at the moment.
  • Mythbusters - NZ version
    Airconditioning temperature is the biggest H&S issue by complaints for me. We deal with trucks, machinery, travel, risky customers but the temperature of the office is usually too hot and cold at the same time.
  • H&S Committtee Objectives
    We have assigned portfolios to each person so that they have something to focus on and be seen as the subject leader in their area.

    We also give Health & Safety Reps the opportunity to put forward Injury Prevention Initiatives that they would like to lead. This is a new thing this year but I already have a few that we will be going ahead with.

    As for objectives. We have based these around actions such as site inspections, team meeting talks etc.
  • to ISO or not to ISO
    We are currently exploring this. We are waiting for ACC to make some decisions around EAP which is slowing down my business case.
  • Worker Participation and Engagement

    We use microsoft teams which is part of the Office365 package which we find really good.
  • Survey - Health & Safety and Migrant Workers
    Hope it all goes well.

    Although we work in the automotive industry, it would be great to see what you find out.

    Be Safe

    Michael Wilson