• Mythbusters - NZ version
    Airconditioning temperature is the biggest H&S issue by complaints for me. We deal with trucks, machinery, travel, risky customers but the temperature of the office is usually too hot and cold at the same time.
  • H&S Committtee Objectives
    We have assigned portfolios to each person so that they have something to focus on and be seen as the subject leader in their area.

    We also give Health & Safety Reps the opportunity to put forward Injury Prevention Initiatives that they would like to lead. This is a new thing this year but I already have a few that we will be going ahead with.

    As for objectives. We have based these around actions such as site inspections, team meeting talks etc.
  • to ISO or not to ISO
    We are currently exploring this. We are waiting for ACC to make some decisions around EAP which is slowing down my business case.
  • Worker Participation and Engagement

    We use microsoft teams which is part of the Office365 package which we find really good.
  • Survey - Health & Safety and Migrant Workers
    Hope it all goes well.

    Although we work in the automotive industry, it would be great to see what you find out.

    Be Safe

    Michael Wilson
  • Keyboard ergonomics
    I recommend googling mechanical keyboards. You can set them up with more or less range of motion and pick to have a satisfying click or not.

    You can get rid on your number pad to bring your mouse in closer and prevent wrist rotation.

    Be careful however as you can very quickly be spending hundreds of dollars.
  • E-scooters: am I right to be worried?
    Hello All,

    E-scooters are considered low powered vehicles and may be used on the footpath without a helmet. They may not be used in cycle lanes.

    More details are available here

    Be Safe,

    Michael Wilson
  • Dodging LTIs
    At the recent safeguard conference workshop there was an exercise to show how pointless LTI ratios were. By moving either the definition of an LTI or the way person hours are counted you can make them say anything.

    I fully support the health benefits of safe work and there are plenty of tasks that people can do that are meaningful, however I have seen some shockers in the past.

    I feel the pendulum has swung much further in the other direction with Doctors signing off people for a week with a small cut or as I am currently dealing with a sneeze induced knee sprain.
  • H&S is "strangling business": how best to respond?
    Health & Safety is about enabling a business to do what they do. It is about getting things to go right as often as possible. Bruce Lee has a saying "You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend"

    Health and safety is it's perfect form (not that it has been achieved) would be a seamless part of the business that is just "how we do things". It is about keeping the business and it's people moving in the same way marketing, or operations are.

    Anyone can skydive once but it take health & safety to skydive twice.
  • Contractor Pre qualification /approval systems
    The part that is most frustrating is when people ask for documentation that they will never read or that they do not understand. A companies health & safety policy is going to have very little impact what will happen when they appear on site.

    Asking a small or even medium sized business for injury records will not provide any statistically significant data.
  • SafePlus Accreditation
    I am looking foward to the online tool once it become available until then it is hard to comment.