• Paracetamol in First Aid Kits
    First aiders are not allow to prescribe medication (regardless of a signed waiver or not) so save yourself the hassle and don’t supply any medication.
  • Near Miss Reporting
    I explain a near miss as an incident that didn't realise it's full potential. To expand - if something happens and it had the (real) potential to harm someone then it is a near miss. If something happens and a person is injured then it is an incident. The distinction between an incident and a near miss is the presence (or lack of) injury.
    To illustrate in a more real life way - someone dropping a hammer from a ladder when someone is in the immediate vicinity , and the person on the ground suffers no harm, is a near miss. Had the person been in a different position or the hammer fallen in a different direction then an incident could have occurred. This, to me, is a real near miss (or near hit as some people refer to it).
    Hope this helps!
  • H&S is "strangling business": how best to respond?
    Ask Mike to validate his argument with evidence. He will show you rules that the business themselves have put it place.......... who is to blame for that , if not the businesses themselves?
  • Institutionalisation and Entrenched Behaviours
    Start looking at the organisation. Entrenched behaviours are not by choice for the majority of people - they are systematic of the organisation. Behaviours are driven by the demands (often conflicting) placed on an individual by the organisation and when the demands are competing , something will have to give. For example - non-reporting of incidents is often linked not to the unwillingness to report (who doesn't want to prevent someone else from getting hurt?) but to the organisations response to the reporting of incidents. Ask people "What will happen if you report an incident" rather than "Why don't you report incidents"/ - the truth will come out.
  • What should we use this Forum for?
    Weekly update would be good to highlight issues being discussed / questions being posed.