• What were your takeaways from the Safeguard Conference?
    I think the "star" for me was Liam Malone, keynote speaker at the end of the second day. His talk was littered with his own life's obstacles yet he dared to disrupt and despite those obvious obstacles he beat them all down, he succeeded and won. He also delivered his talk in a very user friendly engaging manner and made it enjoyable and inspirational to listen to. The suicides in construction was a shocker and eye opener as well. Enjoyed this conference.
  • Mythbusters - NZ version
    Despite "edukashun" being afforded to almost everyone its odd that in todays age there is still a huge misunderstanding of the term "Elf un Safety" and how it is hijacked for things nothing to do with it as in Paula's example. A tad sad but also quite entertaining when reading them :-)
  • Dodging LTIs
    Unfortunately, it does still occur where an injured person is "rushed" back to work for a number of reasons...ACC stats, LTI's stats etc., More often than not a person that is truly injured and returned to work sooner to alleviate stats or financial burdens often ends up going off again. I even once heard of a certain company who would drive to an injured persons house pick him up and drive him back to their site to watch company videos and then drive him back to state that he was not an LTI. Those sorts of companies seemingly thriving on lagging indicators as a measure of their "success" Wow they had 50 million man hours without an LTI kinda really isn't the way to conduct their business but some peers still adore those glorious stats...if I see higher reporting across the board I tend to view this as a positive culture particularly if they are mainly hazards/risks observed and ensuing actions involving a positive engagement with the two penneth...
  • E-scooters: am I right to be worried?
    Alan, I believe 14 cases with ACC is correct. They are also looking at overseas experiences with regard to injuries/fatalities which isn't a bad thing to do as its a common risk. I think Adam has hit on something and that seems to be the lack of information surrounding their use as we wouldn't want to knee-jerk legislation or bye-laws off the cuff so an analysis/report might be a good proposition so that we can determine a suitable set of guidelines or codes much the same as other modes. As it stands at the moment though it is a HiPo that something will occur OTBOP.
  • E-scooters: am I right to be worried?
    UPDATE today 25/10:
    Now that a councillor was nearly clipped "within an inch" there will be an urgent safety review of the scooters. Not sure why only after a councillor was clipped but there you go....
  • E-scooters: am I right to be worried?
    Interesting that our very concerns are also those of others according to some news articles of near misses and actual injuries from using e-scooters. A friend of mine just said why can helmets be plugged into the scooters so that when a person wants one they have to disengage the helmet to activate and use the scooter otherwise it will not operate. Perhaps that may encourage riders to use a helmet. Reading some of the comments on other news outlets overseas indicate of class action lawsuits against Lime for its lack of safety so this is something that is going to drag on until such times and injuries dictate otherwise....other countries and cities have banned them as a result of serious injury and fatalities...headphones being used while riding one on the road is a real worry for me !
  • E-scooters: am I right to be worried?
    This raises concerns I agree, only this morning on Queen St I saw some of these Lime-S electric scooters on the road not the pavements being ridden by people wearing headphones and running through red lights so a high potential to be struck by a vehicle going through a green light and not being able to hear any traffic or sirens. I'm guessing it'll only be a matter of time before someone on a scooter is hit. I notice as well although it may be unrelated but I see keep left painted on the pavements....what are the actual rules around their use ? I understand Segways are not supposed to be used on the pavements...but I'm not sure about that.
  • Safety clips/videos
    Hi Sonya,
    There's a plethora of safety clips out there. Weeding them out is a mammoth task but as previously said Worksafe has some, also the HSE (UK) has some as well worthy of consideration. I use a number of favourites one of which is the Weatherford RADAR video made by a site team but have used many that I have collected over the years, recognising the authors of course. Youtube has loads that can be saved to your computer as people like to make them freely available (some don't of course). I've been about positive engagement for donkeys years before it was a cool saying as its the guys out there that matter and can make the difference, not me so over the years I've tended to use short clips to keep it snappy and relevant. I might have to find a depository for all the videos I've amassed !
  • The Athenberry decision and "contracting out"
    This article from Chapman Tripp offers a slightly different angle on this very case:
    I believe this case will also come up at the LegalSafe Conference next certainly invokes some very deep thinking
  • The good old days?
    I love old photos like this. I wonder if the stats for the day were reflective of what was happening and true ? It was a different time and place so it would be easy to criticise, we can only learn from them and move on. Great photos of the time, thanks for sharing Peter.
  • Turbans & Hardhats
    I found this link from an outfit in Rochester UK that may be addressing this with a "safety turban" link here: It seems to talk about motorbike safety turbans so possibly may be looking at safety turbans for construction sites ?
  • Turbans & Hardhats
    Ian, from memory (years ago) the UK went through this and I had it in my mind that a hardhat manufacturer did come up with a hardhat element within the turban itself allowing religious beliefs to be maintained and still offer suitable protection for the head but I can't seem to find it....since then though there has been much on the matter (over there) of no longer requiring hardhats (Case 149 - HSE: and also backed up for Inspectors here: Naturally, we are not in the UK but we still utilise much data from there here...
  • Complacency over chemical use leaves worker without an eye
    In my working life in safety (30 odd years ahem...) PPE was and is always the last resort but I agree many default to PPE. I can remember the HSE's old 5 steps to risk assessment which is similar to what we now have and its always been the last resort. Affect changes around the task/item etc., before saying load the person up. Hazardous substances though will always entail PPE as part of the controls. I remember using HF acid and we had extraction booths with forced ventilation, and every conceivable engineering design for the booth but we still expected the employee to don a high level of PPE before using the booth so we had a number of gates offering protection to ensure it would be an extremely rare occurrence for the person to get any HF on their skin. Additionally, we had the antidote cream to hand should that rare occurrence ever happened.
  • The PPE Dilemma
    PPE supplied free we all know....but its return at the end of an employment is normally just a tick box item as I doubt a company would want to re-issue someones size 9 boots that have been well worn in so its a cursory thing. Charging for failing to return PPE is something I haven't experienced and I rarely ask for worn items back because its worn and unhygienic to offer to a new employee. Arguably, PPE is a disposable commodity if its the basics from gloves, safety glasses, boots. Hi-Vis jackets and vests possibly different for some.
  • Turbans & Hardhats
    From memory, the UK now has a supplier of a hard hat version of a turban that permits the turban wearer to continue with his beliefs and work with approved PPE. As stated above there is some protection afforded to religious beliefs and some industries factor out work that might require a hard hat in the absence of an approved turban hard hat. Risk assessments used to identify the necessary controls and potential solutions
  • Immbilising company vehicles whilst moving
    You'll find no disagreement from me folks, I couldn't believe the story at first until I read the article and checked the date ! It is simply utter madness. I was hoping to read that Worksafe would have made more of their response but it seems not....
  • Bullying, sexual harassment and culture change
    Peter, I'm inclined to agree. There are seemingly many barriers that appear when its not really that difficult. Yes gender should be irrelevant but as its evolved from history where men were in charge as it were there lies the resistance I guess. Her prognosis is mental stress basically and is of interest to us practitioners as I've known both males and females abandon their careers because of it in their workplaces. We all know of far more serious solutions that people have taken in despair. A few years ago a female professional on LinkedIn found herself the subject of very inappropriate comments from males based solely upon her profile picture which was naturally extremely distressing for the lady and undermined what she was attempting to achieve on a professional level. I have a daughter much like many others and I say to her as she's only young that her gender is of no concern and that she can achieve whatever she wants to set her mind to but to know that she will no doubt encounter gender bias because she's female and often a woman will have to work twice as hard as an equivalent male just to achieve the same end result. Its not what I should be saying to her but I need her to be aware that that is the hard reality even today. Both genders can work hard and play hard should they desire but not to the detriment of any other person, that's not to say I encourage alcohol in the workplace as this always leads to all manner of issues but its really not that difficult to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself and that is with respect and courtesy. A large amount of this indifference is borne out of the playground as children during those formative years I'm inclined to think....talent, merit, skill, ability are not dependent upon any bias.....and should be equally rewarded without bias and with equality. Arguably, the same exists when we practitioners attempt to change some aspect of safety....there appears the barriers, barriers against an existing culture which is why I feel behavioural safety and psychology to be a significant aspect of our work today. The word culture is often misused and abused disguising an unjustified resistance...I can only imagine what Maggie Thatcher would have gone through becoming a female Prime Minister in the late 1970's in the UK in charge of the hallowed halls of Whitehall and seats of government that most likely scoffed at two penneth...
  • TRIFR etc
    Many companies here seemingly rely on these figures and it really doesn't indicate how safe a company is, it merely indicates common reporting and those figures are or can be manipulated. I'm with Peter on this as its a rear view mirror and not that useful. I've come across organisations that have 'buried' incidents/events in order to gloss over a stat thus creating a parallel reporting structure.. I prefer transparency and clarity. Even investigations can become "learning groups" to move forward with.....
  • Health and Safety an organisational discipline of its own
    I too have found this considerably frustrating seeing H & S encompassed within HR as it often conflicts and I too have had experiences of peers in HR "amending" facts and this is unacceptable. Whilst I can see their logic as some organisations are not that large so to an organisation it may seem logical it is little more than a marriage of convenience. H & S is a specialist profession in its own right. Some of us are members of the only chartered safety institution in the world or other highly regarded institution and having facts watered down is not real. H & S needs a line direct to the most senior person in the organisation for good reason and not via an HR person. Remembering that H & S can be also be viewed as a legal position advising on matters of law relating to H & S. My two penneth...
  • What has been the NZ Experience with Enforceable Undertakings?
    Richard, I have mixed views on EU's as yes they can be a really useful tool for some but I can also see how some may indeed use this as an escape from prosecution route and cheaper. The larger organisations with EU's have thus far seemingly yielded some excellent initiatives including one that has commenced an apprenticeship program. Some truly good things coming from their learning's. I often wonder on the amount of EU's coming out but I'm not in Worksafe shoes reviewing each case. Prosecutions can be a worthy conclusion but only if it does punish (use that word loosely) when absolutely necessary with, for arguments sake, cases of absolute or extreme negligence perhaps for utter disregard to safety but such punishment not to bankrupt the defendants but a bruise if you like. Again I'm not a solicitor....I think EU's have a place yes but controlled....