• Upcoming Webinar at Midday on Thursday 12 June
    An update. The webinar is now at Midday on Tuesday, 23 June
  • Upcoming Webinars
    A couple more webinars that may be of interest to you

    1. The NZ Occupational Health Nurses Association (NZOHNA) and HASANZ are jointly hosting a webinar at 12 midday on Monday 20 April. You can hear from Clare Lynn and Terry Buckingham on how they have been “Actively managing the managing the emerging COVID-19 health risks for Fonterra” in NZ and around the world. Key points will be:
    • Pandemic/Business Continuity Plan
    • Infection control process – personal, work environment
    • Self-isolation Process – including contact tracing
    • New ways of working – mental resilience, working from home, health monitoring and health support processes
    Register at

    2. At 1pm on Tuesday 21th April to hear Pam Mitchell and John Eatwell talk about "Working Differently and Personal Leadership". Under pressure we stop thinking strategically and start being tactical and responding ineffectively when issues are raised. What can we do to be the best people we can be for our businesses, families and for ourselves? John and Pam will take you through key elements of personal leadership in terms of physical and psychological tools that will assist you in meeting the current challenges.
    John has a M.A. (Hons) Psychology and Post Grad Dip in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. John is a Fellow of the New Zealand Psychological Society, on the Board of KNZB, Chair of the Institute of Organisational Psychology.
    Pam Mitchell (OTNZR, MBS Health Management, PG Dip Emergency Management, Affiliate MBCI, HASANZ registered). Pam’s business continuity, health and safety, injury management and general management experience has been developed over 30 years across the public and private sectors in New Zealand.
    Register at
  • COVID-19 New Zealand Construction Operations Standard
    Hi Chris,
    A good initiative by CHASNZ.
  • H&S when working from home
    HASANZ is holding a webinar at 12 midday on "'Working Productively from Home''. There will be some interesting resources and discussions as part of that
  • Safeguard income survey 2019
    A very useful survey to capture good information on salaries. This year there are three additional questions around recruitment and how hard is it to find new H&S staff.
  • Health and Safety Representatives - Career Pathway
    I agree they should start applying for health and safety positions. It also depends on what sectors they have worked in, their qualifications and their experience. I suggest they:
    - Join an industry association such as NZISM. They can give advice and potentially provide a mentor. Also they can attend local branch meetings to discuss options in their region.
    - Contact H&S recruiters to get feedback
  • New thinking in health & safety - community of practice
    Hi Craig,

    HASANZ is happy to be involved and support the initiative. I responded on LinkedIn.

    HASANZ is a lot more than a Register of professionals. We are very focused on workforce development including:
    - We are currently undertaking a stocktake of the H&S disciplines looking a current numbers, future demand, pay, pathways into the disciplines, what people like about the profession, etc. This will be published in July. Following that we will be focusing on fixing the gaps in education, attracting more people to the H&S field, etc.
    - A three-year project to grow the number of Occupational Hygienists. We are aiming to establish a similar project for hazardous professionals
    - A scholarship programme. We raised $250k last year and awarded 19 scholarships. We are looking to expand this year with applications open from July.

    We do run a bi-annual Conference. We are in the process of setting up an Event Series in-conjunction with Duncan Cotterill

    HASANZ is also:
    - Co-designing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) programme in-conjunction with ACC
    - We are looking at a new approach for H&S Reps in conjunction with WorkSafe, CTU and Business NZ
    - Plus, how to target SMEs.

  • A strange request
    Part of HASANZ's role is help get rid of the ''cowboys'' - though this will take a while. We are educating business on the need to select H&S people with appropriate skills, quals and experience. A lot of business don't know who to go to and end up buying glorified manuals. The HASANZ Register is part of this approach - people need to have both quals and experience. Plus demonstrate in competencies they select.
    Also we have a big focus on H&S workforce development. We know that about half of the current H&S workforce is over 50 years old and half don't have quals in H&S (though they often have quals in other areas). If we compare H&S to other professionals such as engineering and accountancy we have a way to go