• What value do we put on a life?
    Hi Monty, recently I saw a television documentary of which I can't remember who or from where, but the researcher put the value at $10 million.
  • Institutionalisation and Entrenched Behaviours
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    Hi Antony,

    This idea of changing culture may require a multifaceted approach from the PCBU & the "Officers" within the organisation. You could have a look at where you think your weaknesses are i.e. it's one thing to quote the H&S Act 2015 but from that the PCBU needs to introduce a Policy, make sure that "Officers" are aware of their responsibilities and the reasons why, introduce a change in machinery where needed i.e. safety brakes, appropriate signage, follow up on known hazards to see if these can be further minimised, Safe Working Instructions, keep on reminding responsible staff of their responsibilities as this does take time to drum-in to even key staff, and finally "walk-the-talk". All of this is tiresome and can be misconstrued at wasting your time but just keep beating the drum and eventually you will start to educate people. The education must start with key people though.
    Accountabilities for key staff is important as otherwise they will chose to turn a blind eye or leave it up to "someone else" to deal with the problem.

    Best of luck

    Ross Collinson