• Insecure load = fall from height
    totally agree with your statement about their response, sometimes not very helpful especially when you are asking for guidance or clarification.
  • fatigue Flowchart
    Thanks for your feedback.
    My enquiry was for techs that work their normal shift then might get a breakdown call out during the night.
    Most of the call outs are for only a couple of hours, then the tech will either start is normal shift hours the next day or finish early.
    i do hope you are having us on.... I would be very afraid for that company
  • Safety Glasses for Sikh drivers
    no there was nothing available a couple of years ago, so unfortunately we had to go through the process of finding alternative work, which they were happy about.
  • Safety Glasses for Sikh drivers
    we found finding hard hats for them was an eventful experience
  • Worksafe Snapshot Assessment
    Hi Robyn
    i had the same thing happen for one of my branches last year. Had everything they put in their email ready to view. Same thing, he went for a walk, wanted to see our traffic management policy batta boom all done within 30 minutes, he was happy enough to see that everything was in order. also enquired for a report to present to my directors, nup not done these days. Inspector was a lovely man.
  • FENZ (Covid-19 Fire Safety Evac Schemes) Amendment Regs 2020
    Hi Ross
    we also had no idea this was in place, thanks for the update
    thanks for the feedback Craig, much appreciated
  • Seatbelts in Self-Propelled Mobile Mechanical Plant
    for their own safety and the companies liability if something should happen to them, As a H&S professional I would not be allowing any undertaking for any job on that machiney or any others for that fact, but rather find them alternative duties if possible.
  • Seatbelts in Self-Propelled Mobile Mechanical Plant
    If its there, then yes it is mandatory.
    recently at a H&S forum, it was discussed that a Worksafe inspector was out and about, he was in a business for a totally different issue but saw forklifts and a small excavator in use, upon more inspection it was found that none of the operators were wearing seat belts, the company then got a improvement notice and was advised all workers had to do retraining on all their mobile machinery.
  • What vaccinations do you give your staff and why?
    hi there
    we offer our staff Hepatitis injections due to some trucks that our techs work on.
  • HS Reps - Allowance / Payment for services
    our reps are also not paid.
    we too have a little party at the end of the year, where they get a certificate of appreciation.
  • Hand Sanitiser
    oh dear........ is all i can say, slapping my forehead
  • Coronavirus
    Hi Kelly
    are you able to share your pandemic management plan
  • KPI's
    hi Chris
    it is office/field based and Industry is Sales/Service/Workshop/Admin
  • H&S Committees - Alternative ideas and approaches
    my guys love it when there are freddo frogs up for grabs, perks them up and for some reason and the discussions are awesome
  • Coronavirus
    We are also doing the same Alex, constant communication with our staff, posters and information on what websites they can tap into along with more hand sanitiser stations.
    Unfortunately we do have staff that need to travel overseas for training so they are well informed before they leave the country.
  • Advice re working at height training for H&S Manager
    hiya Vertical Horizon are really good, they conduct a lot of working at heights training, Safety n Action have WAH courses too.
  • Who should be included in H&S committee meetings?
    Hi Lucille, i have 3 branches which each include sales, workshop tech's, truck detailer's and admin. All our committee meetings include, senior managers, line managers, reps and directors, so there is a really great scope of the business included at all times. Generally at any time there is 10-15 people in the meeting. Which i hold every 2 months for each branch.