• Mental health and Wellbeing
    Do a daily Skype call at the moment. Also throughout the day I do a personal check up on each member of the immediate team. On a larger bar, use Microsoft teams to share information and resources to help people cope, e.g. EAP details, a Funny section with comic things people can review to if needing light relief, and promoting our SMILE concept program.

    All in all, I think the most important thing is connecting so people don't feel alone and forgotten about. Ask the question: are you OK?
  • HSE project ideas
    A couple of projects I have been involved in/currently involved that I think are relevant at the moment are:

    • Workplace flexibility;
      Mental health/resilience concepts - making it a way that is meaningful and applicable for the business

    Other ideas could include:

    • Worker participation review - how are workers involved and is it the best way for your business?
      Identification/rewarding of positive safety actions/behaviours - how does your business encourage/recognise safety done well.
      Safety metrics - what does your business use to 'measure safety' - is it the best or are their other more meaningful ways to do this?
      Risk control review - identify a common or critical risk and review the current control. Is it the most effective in managing risk SFAIRP or are there other ways that could be explored/researched?

    Hope this helps :smile:
  • HiPo definition
    Cheers Craig and MattD2.
    Recently our board are asking more visibility on our critical risk and part of this have asked for reports on all High Potential events. This has jumped though a few people to be requested of me, so to ensure accurate reporting, I want us to define high potential so we are talking about the same things.

Mark Kenny-Beveridge

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