• Help needed: Safety in Design Research (Posted on behalf of Russell McMullan)
    Thanks Jon we are working on SiD projects in Govt I will contact Russell.
  • What were your takeaways from the Safeguard Conference?
    I also enjoyed Steph Dyhrberg and Andrew Barrett and the applied research by SiteSafe on suicide in construction sector.

    It was also great to see most of the keynote speakers had HFE backgrounds and the recognition of human factors and ergonomics in general H&S practice.

    I strongly recommend looking at other conferences in Australia and the HASANZ Conferences
  • Workplace Exposure Limits - Worksafe Review
    On that note I would strongly recommend you engage a registered Occupational Hygienist to assist you with this work
  • The good, the bad, the ugly. Your opinon on H&S management system software.
    We work with many NZ businesses and as Consultants I'm often asked to push different products which we don't for obvious reasons. H&S Software is a business enabler. There are many new businesses developing untested products in the current market and selling software as the "magic bullet" for H&S management. Beware of this when you are looking at options. My advice to you is do your homework, a thorough needs assessment for your organisation, consider 3-4 mature products and make sure you have robust internal business processes, software will not replace missing internal process.
  • Introduce yourself here!
    Hi all
    I'm Margaret, a Chartered H&S Professional working in consultancy and founder of the Women in Safety Excellence NZ Group. I have a background in health and safety group management, advisory, and regulatory roles in New Zealand and run a consultancy with a team of H&S generalists and specialists. We are working across multiple industries including central and local govt, CRIs, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, ports and maritime, mining, transportation, trade industries and major hazard facilities. I've also just joined the forum and look forward to contributing. Great to connect with others working in H&S.
  • Worksite traffic management
    Hi Mike we can help with this we assist a number of clients with managing these risks , our approach includes completing Vehicle Movement Studies and development of overall site Traffic Management Plans. Give me a call 0210 701 7704. Regards Margaret