• Michael Wilson
    Hello All,

    Those of you who operate moving plant. Have you undertaken noise testing over a work day for the operators?
  • Chris Hyndman

    Back in the UK I have used a type 2 sound level meter to take a sample measurement of the noise to see if we did in fact have an issue. Luckily we didn't, as the noise peaked well below the 1st action level. (Even though no further action was needed the results still need to be recorded).

    Had there been an issue, I would have handed over to an occupational hygienist to carry out some more in depth monitoring, possibly using a dosimeter, to see what noise and frequency levels were present.

    Hope this helps a little.
  • robyn moses
    We recently conducted 5 yearly noise survey, forklift operator and a reach truck operator were fitted with dose meters and noise levels was well below 85db
  • Andrew

    And this is why each workplace needs to do its own assessment / measurements

    Two of our forklifts, when measured by external experts, exceeded 85 LAeq 8 hrs (dBA).

    This may explain the Noise Induced Hearing Loss of one of our operators - been that way for many years so can't say with any certainty.
  • Denise
    Hi Michael
    yes we use dosimeters to take inhouse sample measurements inside our mobile plant, focusing on older plant first to see if we have any issues - cabs requiring additional baffles, maintenance etc.

    The print outs are shared with the operators and noise levels have been well below 85 db.
    Useful exercise to undertake.

    In the past we have also used the relatively cheap clip on dosemeter to see if we could identify an issue for one of our operators when his health monitoring identified a decrease in hearing from the previous year, it lit up red when 85db was exceeded and he monitored it and reported back. Turned out his radio was the issue, he had preferred to turned it up until then. It was a good learning for everyone.

    Also would hand over to an occupational hygienist for more indepth monitoring if issues are identified that additional investigation, insulation modifications or maintenance did not resolve.
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