• Safety and quality marks
    Hi Karl,
    We've used Telarc and found their auditors to be approachable and helpful.
  • Who is a PCBU
    Hi Stuart,
    I have spent a lot of time trying to explain this to senior managers and owners as it is quite confusing. It is the phrase 'Person' in PCBU that misleads folks. PCBU is the company or organisation as a legal entity - the company has an obligation to look after anyone who works for it, does work for it (contractors) or could be affected by work it carries out. It does this by using systems and procedures such as risk analysis, accident reporting and so. Business owners/directors etc. (Officers) act as kind of a backstop for this, they are there to make sure the company (PCBU) is doing what its supposed to to keep those folks safe. They can do this by making sure that those procedures are up to date, emergency drills have been carried out, accidents are being reported and investigated to mention just a few of their duties. This is traditionally done at BoD meetings, but they should be taking a more hands role, getting out into the workplace to talk to workers and getting an understanding of what their people face everyday.
    So, to answer your question who in the company is accountable? Nobody is accountable in the sense that if the company was prosecuted it is the company that would be fined and sanctioned. Think about which bank account the fine would come out of! The directors/owners would not personally suffer financially but the company would. This is different to the Officer being prosecuted - that is a personal fine/sanction.
    In another, more practical sense everyone is responsible to make sure they follow process and instruction, failure to do this means the company may have to explain why those processes weren't robust enough to prevent someone getting hurt.
    I apologise if this is overly simplistic, if you need help please feel free to shout out on
  • Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers
    I got a Law Degree whilst serving as an Aircraft Propulsion Technician in the Royal Air Force!
  • Is Totika Prequalification being adopted?
    Spot on Steve. To be fair, Third party Pre qualification is a good idea, but they stop short of it being a great idea. If they came out and actually audited us 'in action' a for more confidence inspiring result would occur. But alas, tell them what they want, pay your money and move on!!! Hhurumph!
  • Is Totika Prequalification being adopted?
    I kind of agree with Don. It is my understanding that if you pre qualify under a Totika registered pre-qualification outfit then you are good to go as if you had pre qualified with any of the other Totika registered outfits. The problem is that it is a voluntary scheme. If a required pre-qual isn't registered your still going to have to pay the extra cost. To think this out; if they register they will definitely see a reduction in customers (instead of 5 accreditations you now only need 1), so where's the incentive to volunteer to the scheme?
    These folks seem to be worried about losing money rather than ensuring we have a workable standard benchmark that gives clients the confidence that any contractor they take on has robust practice and procedure in place.
    Which brings me neatly to my next point. The disparity in information and evidence required between different third party qualifiers is enormous. We have just completed two from the leading contenders, two different standards, varying amounts of evidence, and two very different results. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but we are the same company doing the same job regardless of our pre qualifier, how do different results accurately reflect our ability to 'do' health and safety?
    One standard, one result, confident contractors and client confidence!
    I'll get off my soap box now...
    ... and breathe :-)
  • Did anyone see the mobile scaffolds on 'The Block' last night and the new double down KFC ad?
    I think we are kind of missing the point a little. Who cares whether they fall within the auspices of the HSWA? Those folks could be safer while working off a mobile scaffold. A fall from 2.5 metres doesn't hurt any less coz you're not 'at work'. Its been spotted so fix it! It's the morality over legality head scratcher! I'm firmly in the morality camp :-)