• Career advice in the world of health and safety
    Hi Riki

    Welcome to the health and safety community. The skills you are learning are transferable in any industry. My advise is to find what you are passionate about and not to discount your skills and experience over the past 10 years as a people leader.

    Depending on your location register with a good recruitment company, use seek and trade me and through out your net and see what comes back.

    Good luck with your journey

  • Blaming or learning?
    Afternoon All

    I find that the issue is than when investigating events, risks, incidents the focus needs to move away from human error and go a bit more in-depth into organizational issues such as process, training methodology, risk assessments, incident investigations, management reviews, etc

    Secondly, the way we train is a big issue to as we need to build the capability of the employees by encouraging them to think and learn on the job, instead of telling them what to do.

    Lastly, holding people leaders accountable while focusing on soft skills training such as facilitation, how to manage poor performance, etc and building a toolkit for the managers to use and refer to
  • Rapid antigen tests
    All good points.

    I would recommend implementation of a monthly health monitoring program that covers all staff, as the effectiveness of the covid vaccinations also needs to be taken into consideration, as they have a tendency to loose their strength within 6 months requiring boosters.

    I would not be surprised if the annual covid jab becomes the norm in the future.

    It is definitely an evolving conversation. And warrants much more discussion.
  • Rapid antigen tests
    I do understand that, as none of the protocols are implemented, as yet as they warrant more in depth consultation.

    But there are many companies, customers and suppliers now drawing the line in the sand, due to government mandates, and sending out letters that they do not want unvaccinated staff on their premises. This has a knock on effect as a PCBU may not other suitable alternative duties for the worker.

    Due to the current climate of having a shortage of skilled staff, this would result in a stand down for specific staff members. For small to medium business, this is not sustainable position, as many cannot afford to keep on staff that are not fulfilling their job description and doing the job they were hired for.
  • Rapid antigen tests
    From my queries I have made so far the Roche SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test Nasal product is intended for professional use with testing performed by a healthcare worker or self-collection under the supervision of a healthcare worker.

    On the 15th of December the MoH will be releasing a Self Test option, designed for patients to test themselves. The Ministry has indicated that these will be available from the 15th December which in my opinion is a more viable option for small to medium businesses.

    Protocol (in theory):
    Have area set aside for staff who choose not to be vaccinated
    Conduct self test
    If negative, may enter work space
    If positive, must leave worksite, self isolate and follow public health guidelines
  • High potential consequence events (HIPO)
    Depends on the lingo you use. I am busy with a project on Critical Risk Management and setting thresholds that are acceptable and not acceptable
  • Safety and quality marks
    I have worked and trained with Telarc and found them to be professional and knowledgable.