• Lone worker monitoring solution
    If I can add my two cents worth, whatever you choose it must be 2 way otherwise once the novelty wears off users will get slack and stop using it. I know that because I checked not feedback no work.
  • Beards and Respirators
    keep your lungs safe and others, I say, take some personal responsibility for youre self and others. if physical features impend the functionality of safety equipment then do something about it if possible, who wants to retire with stuffed lungs. I need glasses when working, they are catered for with well thought out solutions, so why not a beard.
  • workplace carpark - reversing into the space, forwards out
    Reverse in no exceptions. even tradies, this also has the second benefit of proviuding seperation so the guys are not satnadin around moving traffic, if the traides have work to do then they should be working in a coned off area.
  • Truck loading/unloading areas
    Doubt and always feeling uncomfortable with performance will drive better safety outcomes.
  • Medical marijuana use linked with fewer workplace deaths
    The use of cannabis for medicinal support should be treated no different than any other prescribed medication when living safely.
  • Four-fold reduction to Wood Dust Workplace Exposure Standard
    I agree whole heartily but on one thing COSTS, I don’t think that the costs are prohibitive in the long term, less drain on public health dealing with the popolations lung issues, I say target the highest risk areas first, if that’s woodworking class rooms then start there. Consider school hockey, watching my 11 year old there's plenty spent on providing safety equipment now, spare face shields at the back of the net for the whole team for when corners are taken, goalie has full protection, this is nothing like when we used to play with back in the late 80's, kids are much safer now.
  • Four-fold reduction to Wood Dust Workplace Exposure Standard
    My hobby is wood turning, in this case its very important to protect yourself, I do....but a lot of others don’t, I believe simply through lack of knowledge that industry needs to improve including the wood working class rooms, these are the younger generation how can we not protect them what ever the cost ?
  • Road safety: fix the driver vs fix the driving environment
    Bullet point 4 - well said, I've owned a vehicle in both Canada and Germany and can confirm that this is the case there and in myexperience the drivers in these two countries had better behaviour than NZ drivers.
  • Hazard analysis forms on the wall
    I've seen the daily site specific hazard ID allowing room to refer to the Generic hazard sheet(s) that can be ticked off and then filed together as evidence.
  • PPE Project & Matrix
    If PPE issued by Employer then I recon it’s the users responsibility to inspect and maintain it, including checking that it’s the correct/and fit for purpose PPE for the Job (yes Matrix may help but could be limiting a workers ability to make their own judgment). I think the problem comes when the user is inexperienced, has little or no training in the correct/Safe use, maintenance and knowledge to identify if the PPE over time and use remains safe to continue to be used. I say PPE users need to take more responsibility.
  • Charging PCBU 2 for induction into PCBU 1 site
    I've spoken to a couple of small sub-contractors complaining that Downers have been requesting an annual payment/fee for managing their H&S documentation, it doesn't sound fair to place an additional financial burden on these businesses. Whats the thinking around this ?
  • Stop/Go Gloves
    I agree, gloves are only in addition to separation, but would improve operator and ground spotter interaction also along with radio/RT contact.
  • Stop/Go Gloves
    Glenn, great idea, and gloves are cheap and disposable/recyclable these days so easier to manage to fade and wear and tear over time, in my experience workers can go through more than a few pairs of gloves each week. Give them a go I say.
  • Comfortable Combos - Eye protection that works with Ear Muffs
    Michelle, I'm a civil Engineer, so little manufacturing experience, however, I've worked in the UK on construction sites where the wearing of safety glasses was mandatory so I have some, though limited experience but I'd like to add my two cents worth to this problem.
    Why doesn’t manufacturing consider engineering out the need to wear safety glasses ? and perhaps along with earmuff’s, what I mean is perhaps even atempt to reduce the need to wear either or both at the same time or at all ?