• robyn moses
    Had a call from a Worksafe Inspector wanting to visit and complete a snap shot assessment of risk/hazard management for machine guarding and hazardous substances. Followed by an email widening the scope to include training, supervision and competency for safe use of machinery including lock out procedures, managing noise and other occupational health hazards, worker engagement, emergency planning, traffic management and critical risk management incl. selection of controls and how these are reviewed. So for the week preceding the visit I reviewed every folder, put my hands on and run my eyes over everything so it was all fresh in my mind. The inspector came in got geared up did walk around took photos of fire warden list, accident and hazard rept forms by clock in machine, a lock out tag on a piece of equipment, workers using trolleys to move materials, hazardous substance signage on exterior of dangerous goods area. Declined to see any health and safety folders, documentation said from observations we were conforming with good practice and left. Lesson learned pays to not over think these things.
  • Sherralynne Smith
    Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for sharing this interesting story.

    When I was conducting site audits, I too would email the scope of the audit, listing out what I needed to see and who I was wanting to engage with, with an estimate of time. My audits invariably went over time, because I would always have unexpected questions or a manager would want to want to take me to another site. I was always keen to add as much value to my visit and would give preliminary verbal findings before I typed up my final assessment. I always highlighted my concerns verbally before leaving a site, so there were no surprises when the written report was sent out.

    Is WorkSafe going to out their findings in writing for you?

    Well done though for getting positive feedback and keep up the great work.
  • robyn moses
    Worksafe inspector said it is their policy to no longer send out reports when no faults are found, makes sense from a legal perspective should a notifiable event occur shortly thereafter.

    We were given the heads up that going forward Worksafes focus is on transport, mobile plant and freezer work - reportedly transport/mobile plant contribute to 70% of all injuries
  • rebecca telfer
    Hi Robyn
    i had the same thing happen for one of my branches last year. Had everything they put in their email ready to view. Same thing, he went for a walk, wanted to see our traffic management policy batta boom all done within 30 minutes, he was happy enough to see that everything was in order. also enquired for a report to present to my directors, nup not done these days. Inspector was a lovely man.
  • Andrew
    I've had several visits.

    Prior to the first one they wanted copies of everything emailed. Policy, risk registers, injury records, investigation records, health checks, environmental assessments, SOP's. Employment Agreements, Meeting minutes etc etc. I just sent them through - I'm not into garnishing stuff to make it look good for an auditor.

    First visit was fine - a couple of extremely minor "improvement" suggestions. So trivial I can't remember them.

    Second visit wanted all the documentations pre visit - again.

    Second visit went pretty much like the first. Asked to talk privately with one of the Safety Advocates (we don't have a Committee with Reps).

    This time got issued a formal Improvement Notice. Had to put an Emergency Stop on a machine that was inspected previously. The machine has loads of guarding so was fine on that count. Thing is, this machine can't have an Emergency Stop. It energises, has a full revolution single cycle, cycles once (takes about a second) and that is it until the operator starts the cycle again. We put an E Stop in, took a photo and sent it away. So all is good. Except the E Stop achieves nothing.

    Visits were fine - each took about an hour. Nothing achieved or useful from our end. But I guess Worksafe has to satisfy themselves that things are actually being done.

    They will be welcome back again.
  • robyn moses

    Wow emailing everything is a new one on me! Though because we have 6monthly MPI audits keeping health and safety documentation current and filed is 2nd nature around here.

    We too had a similar experience a couple of years ago when an inspector issued an Improvement notice for what they said was an entanglement/entrapment hazard in an exposed conveyor. We brought in a engineer who determined that the conveyor belt was in fact a 6inch long weigh belt with a low torque drive, stopped by hand pressure and a test instrument failed to be marked when inserted in the nip point. Notice subsequently withdrawn.
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