• Peter Bateman
    It's that time of year when we at Safeguard run our annual State of the Nation survey. All but one of the questions are multi-choice and it takes only a couple of minutes.

    It is designed to be taken by people based in New Zealand and who are members of one of three distinct groups:
    • occupational health, safety and wellbeing practitioners (incl OHNs); or
    • health & safety representatives; or
    • business owners/senior managers of any kind of business or organisation.

    The idea is to take the pulse of health and safety and get three different perspectives on how we're doing as a nation. If you are a member of one of the three groups, I invite you to take part!

    The survey will remain open until around 17 March. The results will be reported in full in the March/April edition of Safeguard magazine, and I will summarise them here.

    You can do the survey here.
  • Chris Peace
    What a shame that academics are not included in the survey!
    I could offer some different insights based on the work our students are carrying out (assignments and research). Some are quite stellar!
  • Peter Bateman
    Alas, etc. If it is any consolation, the survey has always been limited to these 3 groups. And of course, if any of your students fall into one of those groups, be sure to alert them to do the survey!
  • Amy Richards
    Hi Peter, any chance of getting the SOTN result summary? Thanks
  • Admin
    I'll summarise here once the magazine is in the hands of subscribers, which should be Thursday.
  • Peter Bateman
    Herewith an extract from the story in the latest mag:

    The key takeaway from this year’s survey is that respondents are gloomier about pretty much everything than they were last year, and generally more negative in most indicators than they have been for the last five surveys.
    All but two of the 15 tracked indicators are worse than last year, and ten of the indicators are the lowest they have been in the five most recent surveys starting from 2019.
    Biggest drop from last year was the question about whether WorkSafe is performing well, which has dropped ten percentage points to only 33.9%, a position now far removed from the halcyon days of 2019 when the regulator scored 61.3%.
    The other big drop was the question about whether New Zealand’s H&S performance is improving, down eight percentage points from 2022 to 58.4%; going back to 2019, it was at 75.9%.
    The only good news in the survey comes with the final question, which asks about discussing risks with other businesses who share the site. This went up 5.6 points from last year to reach 72.8%, which is also the highest score for that question in the last five surveys.
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