• Michelle Gillman
    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone have a really smart example of a 'H&S compliance schedule'?
    What I am looking for is a plan-on-a-page that sets out time frames for specific H&S activities to meet compliance with the law e.g. Evacuation drills every 6 months, fire extinguishers checked every x months, pressure tested every 5 years; Emergency response plans reviewed annually and tested 6 monthly etc
    I'm very keen to see what's out there. Thank you.
  • Andrew
    Sorry can't help on that one. We don't really have "H&S Compliance". (Is there such a thing?) But we do have compliance.

    So for example I hold a diary / bring up system for things like Forklift and first aid training. Our chief Fire Warden is responsible for evacuations etc and Fire extinguishers so holds his own schedule. Today our emergency lights are being tested. Its part of building warrant of fitness and other functions and he has a schedule for all necessary things. Our Maintenance Engineer is responsible for pressure vessels and our Production Managers are responsible for things like chains.

    Compliance comes with good process. So when our auditors come through (and we have loads of them) they know which process / person to check. Our people understand that if it is their process then they are responsible for it - which includes compliance. Our "plan-on-a-page" is buried somewhere in ISO audit documents.
  • robyn moses
    I table my yearly Compliance Schedule like this

    Activity Term Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July.aug sept ....
    Fire Drill 6 monthly 2020 2019
    Fire Warden Training Annual 2020
    LPG Test Cert. Annual 2019
  • Richard Dunn
    We have something that may be of use Michelle
  • Trinity Milham
    I use an electronic calendar- plug it all in
  • Celeste
    Hi Michelle, We have a couple of things that may be of use to you:
    1. Compliance register - lists out a range of possible WorkSafe documents, standards, regulations that you may have to comply with
    2. Health and safety schedule - more like what you described, with examples, set out over a yearly calendar.
    Documents and information about them can be found here: Avid Online
    Let me know if you have any questions :)
  • Karen
    Hi Michelle,

    If you haven't found exactly what you need yet, I have an Implementation Timetable I give out to clients when I'm doing training. Sets out what I want them to do immediately, every month, every three months, six-monthly etc. One page. If you'd like a copy, send me a message.
  • Craig Bleakley
    Hi Michelle

    I've got exactly what you need that I use for our clients - give me and email at


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