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    The Forum now has 500 members but activity has slowed. As administrator, I'm keen to see the Forum put to frequent and creative use to assist the H&S community. The software which runs the Forum can be used in many ways - we have hardly yet scratched the surface!

    Please offer your suggestions here for ways in which the Forum could be used.
  • Lee Keighley
    Hi there
    Yes I am one of the people who have forgotten about it. I thought I would use it more but because I don't receive emails, newsletters or updates, it has slowly been pushed into the background. I'd like to see a weekly or monthly newsletters come through, idea emails, groups discussions through emails. Maybe some other ideas that others will have. I think it is a good platform but like you have said, it has only scratched the surface.
  • Maree
    Sadly I too joined and forgot about it. I think sometimes, we get so caught up in our roles and we are so busy, trying to fit in more and more. I personally think a weekly email would be a great idea or a monthly newsletter. Definitely in favour of this. I do think this is an excellent forum and we all have lots to share amongst members.
  • Brian Ballantyne
    Hi Peter, Thanks for the remind. In the early days was just a lack of info that took my interest. I think the weekly digest would be great as this would provide a quick overview of discussion threads and allow me to participate if of interest to me. Think it is a sign we are all busy people and unless something of interest and being raised just don't have time to remember to log in. Would Linked In also be anther avenue for raising awareness of forum?
  • Celeste Wilson
    Hi there

    Guilty of forgetting it also. Like a couple of others, I would be in favour of a weekly or monthly newsletter. Also just incidently, I couldnt find the forum through the 'search' function but am not a fantastic LinkedIn user either so perhaps I need training :)
  • Paul Robertson
    I have to admit, I also forgot about the forum as the value is found in the conversations - which are only as useful as they are relevant. If I'm not involved in a value-adding conversation, then it's easy to put to the side as unimportant. I would love to see a greater sharing of learnings where the benefit of the learning may be important outside of our own organization. We rely on worksafe to provide pan-industry alerts, but this only happens when they are aware of it... I wonder how much we miss by not sharing our learnings ourselves (or for that matter, and possibly more importantly, our successes)
  • E Baxter
    In favour of the weekly digest :) otherwise time flies and it end ups being ages since I checked in
  • Peter Bateman
    As administrator I can create more categories for discussions. At the moment there are only two categories, "Discussion" and "Q&A"; but there could be categories by, for example, industry sector (eg Construction/Manufacturing/Transport); or by risk exposure (eg Height, Hazardous substances, Mobile plant, Psychosocial); or even by geographic region.
    Any Forum member can choose to bookmark particular categories, so they are informed whenever there is activity within them (and not be informed for any other categories).
    Just a thought - but we don't want to end up with dozens of categories.
  • Phil Anderson
    Thanks for the reminder Peter, I too am guilty of forgetting about the forum. A monthly newsletter would be a great reminder for people to review & hopefully use the forum on a regular basis."What should we use this forum for" the forum can be used as a tool for people to share their creative ideas and offer assistance to those new to Health & Safety
  • Campbell Hardy

    Same as everyone else... In at start and one thing leads to another and it slips to back of pile. Any type of alert or push system, same as we see on Facebook or twitter would go a long way to keeping people informed and engaged.

    Something I've seen a lot more on stuff to voting from participants regarding particular issues, which seems to be well received. Great insight to see how people are positioned.
  • Brian Parker
    Hi Peter,
    I think your suggestion of topic specific forums is an excellent idea. 2 topics very relevant to the transport and logistics industry would be forklift safety and heavy vehicle safety. If you set those up I have several contributions I can make immediately to get the ball rolling.
  • Jan Hall
    What the others say:
    1. Yes, I just let it slide in the absence of reminders
    2. Weekly update would be great
    3. Categories: a few broad industry-based ones perhaps
    Cheers Peter and thanks for revitalising the forum.
  • Rob Carroll
    Weekly update would be good to highlight issues being discussed / questions being posed.
  • Michelle Dykstra
    Thanks Phil, as someone working sole-charge in my first dedicated H&S role, I do appreciate this forum as a place where I can openly ask questions of more experience H&S professionals.
  • Peter Bateman
    I have now set up (I think) a weekly email digest to all members, which will go out on Wednesday mornings provided there has been any activity on the Forum in the preceding week. This is all rather experimental as it required techy software knowledge (APIs !) somewhat beyond my pay grade, but I've had a crack at it so fingers crossed. If it doesn't work perfectly the first time I'll amend the settings.
    Also, if you wish to NOT receive these weekly digests, you can opt out of them by editing your profile under "Preferences".
  • Brian Holmes
    Thanks Peter, will look out for the email tomorrow. Weekly update would be great.
  • Peter Bateman
    Whoops, no digest email has arrived. Either I have made an error in setting up the process, or the one-week period (each Wednesday) doesn't start until a full week has elapsed, ie: Wednesday next week. Call me over-confident but I'll assume the later and wait until Weds 22 Aug to see if we all get our digest.
  • Brian Holmes
    Just received the email reminding me to check the website. Great, thanks. Would it be possibel to include a hyperlink in the email to the forum webpage to make life even easier?
  • Peter Bateman
    I had assumed the email would include a link and I'm as surprised as anyone that it doesn't. I will try changing the settings. This will be an evolving experiment over the next few weeks!
  • Phil Anderson
    Hope you like the new role Michelle, Health & Safety is a very rewarding role and covers all aspects of our lives, not just the workplace. Feel free to ask questions, this is constant learning area for us all.
  • Nico Smit
    Regular sharing sessions / weekly digest is great, will be a prompt to visit the site on a more regular basis.
  • Michael Parker
    I am only a reader of the forums nowadays as our company has health & safety professionals but I too would like to see some topic specific forums.
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