• Andrew
    So I said to our contractors "C'mon guys. Where's your high viz?"


    Pleased to report I now have full compliance
  • Carolyn Chalklen
    We undoubtedly all take H&S seriously otherwise we wouldnt be in this business, however, its good to have a bit of a laugh. I am glad to see somebody has still got a sense of humour Andrew.
  • Steve H
    Like your thinking Andrew
  • Andrew
    So I was busy yesterday. Reaching the end of a job interview, I asked the young Safety Advisor fresh out of university, "And what starting salary were you looking for?"

    The Safety Advisor said, "In the neighbourhood of $100,000 a year, depending on the benefit's package."

    I said, "Well, what would you say to a package of $200,000 a year, 5 weeks holiday, 14 paid stats, full medical and dental insurance, company matching Kiwisaver fund to 10% of salary, and a company car leased every 2 years - say, a red Mondeo?"

    The Safety Advisor sat up straight and said, "Wow!!! Are you joking?"

    I said, "Of course, .....but you started it."
  • Sherralynne Smith
    You have me laughing Andrew. Great response to somebody who believes that they can demand such things! Thanks for brightening my day!
  • Andrew
    So I was giving a tool box talk the other day. You know me – constantly preaching safety at work. Decided to focus on “speed”.

    “Does anyone know,” I asked the team, “what the speed limit is in our parking lot?”

    The long silence that followed was interrupted when Dave piped up. “That depends. Do you mean coming to work or leaving?”
  • Simon Lawrence
    Perhaps not entirely frivolous but I just wrote a post called "Passion for Safety. Please no!" It's the first in a series I'm calling "10 Health & Safety Myths - those times we smell a rat". I suspect Andrew might have some he can add.

    My post: http://public.safetybase.co.nz/passion-for-safety-please-no/

    What does the Forum think about Passion. Does it have a place in safety management?
  • Andrew
    Theres only two places for passion: The fruit bowl and bedroom
  • Simon Lawrence
    And "Fruitcakes" of course.
  • Michelle Dykstra
    Thank you @Simon Lawrence and @Andrew. It was only yesterday that I read a description of a H&S professional which included "passionate about H&S". I stopped and felt something wasn't quite right. Having a background in HR and recruitment, I often feel this word is over-used and mis-used. I concur - we need to be more than "a bouncy little rabbit who makes meetings last too long while everyone else studies their fingernails."

    And "Cheesecakes".
  • Jane Milne
    we need to be more than "a bouncy little rabbit who makes meetings last too long while everyone else studies their fingernails."Michelle Dykstra

    bahaha! Love it. I feel like using this as my email tagline lol. Thanks Simon, I see it comes from your blog tagged above :)
  • rebecca telfer

    that has made my morning.
  • Andrew
    So, I‘ve had a wee accident on site and need to look at my prequal processes.

    Harry was high on the scaffold and walked past a bit of protruding gutter. Poor bugger – cut off his ear.

    He shouted down to Larry…” Oi! Look out for my ear, I just cut it off”

    A bit later Larry calls up to Harry “Hey - is this your ear?”

    Harry looks down and says, “Nah! Mine had a pencil behind it!”
  • Simon Lawrence
    Was Harry that legendary builder who threw away half the nails he was using because "The points were on the wrong end"?
  • Andrew
    He's the one. But he was re-trained to use them on the other side of the timber and all ended well.
  • Darach Cassidy
    Nice article Simon, the majority of which I agree with, however I will challenge you on 'passion for safety', firstly in that there are a number of different definitions of the word passion or passionate.

    I have got no issue with proclaiming that I have a passion for occupational health and safety. It is what gets me up in the morning, its what I love to do - working with people and understanding organisations to make work better, and giving it 100%.

    There is no smell of a rat, there is drive, ambition and enthusiasm - I am confident this removes the need to study finger nails :)
  • Simon Lawrence
    Good on you Darach. I think it's all in the word "passion". As I said in the post, the word "conviction" works better for me. But if Darach Cassidy is "convinced" about the integration of safety into the mainstream business and he can communicate that in logical, businesslike way, he's a winner.
  • Andrew
    I'm sensing some seriousness creeping into this thread. This will not do!

    So, two Corrections Officers walked into the Café. The first one says "I think I'll have a flavoured slushy H2O." The second one says "I think I'll have a flavoured slushy H2O too" Sadly he died.
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