• Steve H
    The rise and rise of Covid, and trying to understand how it's transmitted, and what can be done to disrupt those chains of transmission has focused attention on ventilation.

    Just been reading an article on Rethinking breathing: How to end the pandemic Interesting read, and it raises the possibility of not only slowing Covid, but providing positive productivity gains by addressing the short comings of ventilation in New Zealand buildings
  • Stuart Keer-Keer
    We have found that a lot of workplaces and homes have poor ventilation. Take the modern home, unless you make a conscious decision to put in a ventilation system there will be none.

    My younger brother said he always keeps his sons door closed at night. So I set up a CO2 monitor in his room overnight. The concentrations by morning were well over 2000 ppm. He kept the door and a window open from that day on. New houses are often well sealed so you will not get any ventilation.

    The bugs and fumes from building materials will off gas and circulate.

    Then offices - a lot of building owners and tenants will have a high proportion of recycled air. That is often to retain the heat. The typical situation is the tenant has no clues on how much fresh air is coming into the offices. It is often maintained and run by an air conditioning company. Often it is not seen as an issue.

    The filters in the air conditioning system often are not serviced and maintained to a standard required. They will not remove the fine particulate that has the greatest health effect.

    So what to do, if you are going to rent an office
    -stipulate in the lease the minimum air quality requirements.
    - if you have a property you occupy then know how much air changes per hour are happing.
    - know what the ratings of the filters in the air conditioning system and check to see they are working.
    - do not accept that these issues will be managed well by the owner, sometimes they are not.

    For houses
    - Open the doors and windows
    - If you have extraction systems - use them
    - Get an air exchange system - there are lots about
    - The best air exchange system recovers heat from the stale air.
    - Open doors allow air flow.
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