• Mental Health / Wellbeing Policy
    Hi @Angela Davies and @Brendon Ward - the policy is about to be released (before Christmas). Like a lot of things, it was put on the back burner for a while there! It has gone through our H&S Committee, Executive Team and through the PSA for feedback, and all have been really positive about it. The Te Whare Tapa Whā model has been well received so far, and it is a great way of showing the many benefits we offer and how they contribute to improved wellness. Happy to share our draft document with you if you want to message me with your email address. Cheers.
  • HS Reps - Allowance / Payment for services
    No payment here. Every month we give out a H&S award voucher (anywhere from $20 - $100 depending on the reason) and sometimes it is an HSR who gets the award for an outstanding piece of work. Our reps also have a specific KPI regarding their HSR role. We then have a decent morning tea in December as a thank you to the team!
  • Mental Health / Wellbeing Policy
    Awesome, thanks for the info team.
    I think we are going to use the Te Whare Tapa Whā model as a base for the policy, which will be quite interesting to see how it turns out!

  • Health and Safety Representatives - Career Pathway
    @Janet Mary Houston I am an HSR who is pursuing a career in health and safety. My first step was to join NZISM and I have already been to a couple of their events, such as listening to Dr Todd Conklin. I am fortunate that my employer is covering the cost for me to complete my Level 6 Diploma currently via distance learning. My workplace has also arranged for me to do a part time secondment to another business in the same sector as their H&S Advisor is going away for 12 months. This is going to be an amazing way to gain experience, but still have a lot of support while I am learning. I wonder if doing more things such as secondments is a possibility for other sectors - it is a great way to gain real life experience, help another business fill a short term gap and the main employer benefits from an upskilled employee when they return.
  • The right to disconnect
    This stuff really gets to me also, and I'm a young(ish) person who is quite addicted to my phone and social media - but not for work purposes outside my 40ish hours a week.
    Very much agree with Stacey - if an employer expects a staff member to be contactable 24/7, this needs to be made part of the job description and compensation would need to match.
    My father-in-law is in his early 60s working for a large car dealership and he is expected to be contactable 24/7 and reply to ALL emails with a 15 minute time frame... that is insane!
    It will be interesting to see how the relatively new law in France around disconnecting from work plays out and if it has any real effect.
    For those who have no idea what I am on about:
  • H&S Committtee Objectives
    Hi Rebecca,

    I'm unsure if your work place has values that they have developed, but this year our H&S Committee is looking at our workplace values and seeing how we can apply H&S values and goals to align to these.

    I know it's not an out there, bold idea but potentially something a bit different.
  • Wellbeing 'Biggest Loser' Ideas
    Wow that is very helpful, thanks Sheri.
  • Introduce yourself here!
    Hi all, Brook Rush here!
    I am a relatively new H&S Rep at the Manawatu District Council. I have a particular interest in mental wellbeing at work. Looking forward to checking in here every now and then and maybe even posting a reply or two! Cheers.