• H&S Management Software Query
    Is anyone prepared to share their trials and outcomes when selecting a particular system
  • to ISO or not to ISO
    In my experience, both internal H&S standards or external ISO standards require an audit to look for gaps, action system to close the gaps, and monitoring. Have you looked at SafePlus?
  • Pocket-sized information to help workers with Risk Assessments (or similar)
    NZSafety sold take 5 notebooks last year - not sure if they still do
  • Merry Christmas!
    Happy Christmas to all
  • Safety clips/videos
    WorkSafe NZ videos

    Have you seen our new Use Your Mouth video series?

    Use Your Mouth features a comic duo of commentators in velour sport jackets who pop up in various workplaces to give a running commentary on using your mouth in the workplace.

    Take a few minutes to check out Pat and Joe in our full video series and you’ll notice that five of the eight workplace scenarios are about a work-related health risk: bullying, fatigue, hazardous substances, manual handling and noise.

    It’s really important that the “health” in health and safety gets the prominence it needs for businesses and workers to focus on health risk management as much as they do on safety risk management.

    Pat and Joe have their own page on our website where you can watch their full series of videos. Have a look and feel free to share!

    Check out the noise video 'One Mouth Wonder' in the video below.