• Joanna
    Hi All,
    I would be keen to hear recommendations for software solutions that work well for training management (it can be stand-alone or part of a larger HSE package). Specifically, looking for a solution that will allow to:
    - manage training records for staff and contractors across multiple sites (with ability to filter),
    - store records (certificates, attendance lists, meeting minutes etc.)
    - track dates for renewals/refreshers and send notifications when these are coming up.

    From what I've seen from previous posts, a number of you use Vault - would it cover all of the above?
    Does anyone know if Intelex would be able to handle this?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  • Don Ramsay
    We use VAULT and I find that when used correctly it does hold the information in the correct places, the only thing I find that if you print a TNA (Training Needs analysis) it does not place the dates on the printed copy.

    You can set the intervals for reporting of expiry dates, to give yourself enough time to book refreshers, also you can set the job descriptions to populate with what training is required for each trade group.

    But having said that I have manipulated some of the data in the settings so I can get the reports to populate with what I want and deleted some of the fields.

    Vault is also good if you have an integrated management system as it can cross-reference some of the information that is entered.

    I have also used safeguard at a previous company, it was adequate but just a touch behind Vault.

    I hope this was of some assistance
  • Steph Ryall
    Hi, Assignar is amazing for this. The workers can access all documents via the Ap, expiry dates are loaded and so on. We are using Assignar for bookings and rolling out work. So training and induction requirements for clients are cross referenced automatically before sending someone on a job. We also use if for expiries against the trucks, and the safety gear. We have our internal training programme via forms we built in Assignar, which also allow issue and expiry dates. You can email me if you need, and I can send the link to the demo we received when scoping Aps. Oh, with reporting, you can slide and drop what every feilds you want to report on in the Data Visualiser. (just looking at Dons comment)
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