• Candis Hawkins
    Hi All,

    We are currently looking at the value of refreshing inductions. What we're stuck on is when / why are we refreshing contractors ?

    What's your frequency for re-induction ? Why do you use this frequency ?

  • Don Ramsay
    When it comes to inductions there are a lot of thoughts, me personally if the contractor has been on site consistently over any 12-month period. I would only refresh any changes and not make them do the complete process. But if they have not been on the site for a protracted period I make them redo it. I apply a bit of latitude rather than a hard and fast rule. I also take into consideration what they are doing and the level of risk. IE the contract cleaner would do an induction that only relates to the area where she works. and as she is here every day we notify her of any changes as they occur.
  • P Anderson
    I carry out an Annual Induction Refresher course for both Staff and Contractors, I only put the Contractors through a Rigid Prequalification process when they apply for works to our business. 12 Monthly is good and I make it a habit to sit with them during the refresher and up date them on any changes to works and Legislative changes. or changes to Traffic management, I keep them posted throughout the contract of any important changes which may affect their works through emails and phone call.
  • Steve Schroder
    I would say it would depend on how often you enage that contractor.
    good practice say (infromally) that we shoud refresh annually. i take a risk based approch, so the higher risk the contractor the more involved i become with them and the more involved i want them in my systems for consultation and feedback. low risk not as much
  • KeithH
    Well, at the risk of upsetting a few people, IMHO inductions only have a value when contractors either arrive on site for the first time or after an extended absence. The duration of extended depends on individual interpretation.

    Contractors who regularly attend site with minimal absence between visits should have updated information passed on in conversations during contractor monitoring as outlined by WorkSafe NZ. SiteSafe NZ also have a booklet.

    Incidently, SiteSafe released their booklet in April 2018 and the WorkSafe publication is dated June 2019. Both have remarkable similarities.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  • Candis Hawkins
    Thanks for sharing this booklet, very helpful
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