• Medical marijuana use linked with fewer workplace deaths
    I don't think there were any 'participants' as such. That is, the study was entirely data-based. No one was interviewed.
  • Tips on using the Forum
    Looks like you can't change your name yourself (I just tried wearing my @Peter Bateman hat). However as administrator I can change member names.
  • Tips on using the Forum
    I have changed the Forum's settings so that members may now edit their own posts up to one day afterwards. (Previously, members could edit their posts only up to ten minutes after posting.)

    To edit your own post, revisit the post and hover over the three dots, which should give you a pencil logo - that's the edit option.
  • Comfortable Combos - Eye protection that works with Ear Muffs
    Good thinking to ask people to direct message you with commercial recommendations!

    As a reminder to members, direct messaging in this forum is simple:
    • click on the person's name/icon
    • select 'Send a message'
  • Tips on using the Forum
    Ever wondered why you no longer receive the weekly summary email from the Safeguard Forum?

    It's because the email address you used when you joined the Forum is no longer valid, usually because you have changed organisation.

    • Click on your name at top left
    • Select "Edit Profile"
    • Select "Change Email"
  • Tips on using the Forum
    Have you changed your email address since you joined the Safeguard Forum?

    If so, please be sure change your email address in your Forum account.

    Otherwise you won't receive the weekly activity email, which is sent every Thursday at midday.

    And that would be a shame!
  • H&S Management Software Query
    This thread is now closed. This is a non-commercial forum. It is a fine line between letting feedback flow and commercial advocacy. The best way to respond to an enquiry seeking product endorsements is by private DM. Just select the enquirer's profile and start a 'new conversation', which will be entirely private. Thanks!
  • Worksafe Inspector Disparaging Health and Safety Consultants
    Nothing to do with this thread's topic, but a timely moment to point out that there is a direct messaging facility within the Forum, so that any member can contact any other member privately. As administrator I can't read anyone's DMs, but I do get the statistics which suggest this facility is little used at present.

    How to use it? Find the member you wish to contact, then "Send a message".